Huawei OptiX OSN6800

OSN 6800

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Intelligent Transport Platform for Integrated OTN/WDM/SDH
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key Feature
  • 2.5G,5G,10G and 40G line speed

  • GE/ODU1/2/Any,L2 switch on VLAN,

    Stack VLAN

What's Included
  • OSN6800 Subrack

  • 2PCS Power Cable

  • 1PCS Earth Cable

  • 2PCS Mount Ear

  • Accessory package

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System Auxiliary Inter..

  • Intelligent Transport Platform for Integrated OTN/WDM/SDH

  • Delivers flexible grooming and digital maintenance capabilities to easily provide digital service ADM.

    Huawei OSN6800 is a 10G/40G level DWDM, with 14 service slots, support 360G Cross-Connect capacity. OSN6800 Subrack comes with two PIU (Power Interface Unit), one AUX (System Auxiliary Interface Board), other system board and service board are configurable. also offers typical configuration bundle line, to meet your different requirement on various scenarios. In addition, provides self configuration page, where you can configure your own OSN6800 by selecting boards and items yourself. With our professional technical support to rich your experience.

Tech Specs
Mount methodETSI 300/600 cabinet, 23-inch rack
Transport technologyDWDM (G.694.1), CWDM (G.694.2)
2.5G, 5G, 10G, 40G, and 100G line speed
5,000 km at 10G; 4,000 km at 40G/100G without regeneration
Electric cross- connectGE/ODU1/2/Any, L2 switch on VLAN, Stack VLAN
Optical cross connectROADM: WSS at 40/80 λ, 4 to 9 degrees
FOADM : 80 λ MUX/DMUX, 2/4/8 λ DWDM OADM, 1/2/4 λ CWDM OADM
Capacity80 DWDM λ /8 CWDMλ
Any service at a rate ranging from 100 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s
FE/GE/10 GE/40 GE/100 GE
Protection• Optical line 1+1 protection (1+1 OMSP)
• Intra-card dual feeding /OLP dual feeding (O-UPSR)
• ODU1/ODU2 SNCP & tributary SNCP protection
• ODU1/ODU2 SPRing protection
• Optical Wavelength Shared Protection (OWSP)
• GE/ANY service SW SNCP
• OTU client side 1+1 protection
• SCC/XCS/PIU 1+1 protection, secondary power 1:N protection
Network topologyPoint-to-point, Chain, Ring, and Mesh
Power1+1 –48 V to–60 V DC input
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions(mm)400 mm (9U) x 487 mm x 295 mm

Q & A

Q: What boards are applicable on OSN6800?


List of boards for optical transponder unit
Board NameBoard DescriptionBoard NameBoard Description
TN11ECOMEnhanced communication interface unitTN11L4GLine wavelength conversion unit with 4 x Gigabit Ethernet line capacity
TN11LDGS2 x Gigabit Ethernet unit, single fed and single receivingTN11LDGD2 x Gigabit Ethernet unit, dual fed and selective receiving
TN12LDM2-channel multi-rate (100Mbit/s-2.5Gbit/s) wavelength conversion boardTN11LDMD2-channel multi-rate (100Mbit/s-2.5Gbit/s) wavelength conversion board, dual fed and selective receiving
TN11LDMS2-channel multi-rate (100Mbit/s-2.5Gbit/s) wavelength conversion board, single fed and single receivingTN12LDX2 x 10 Gbit/s wavelength conversion unit
TN11LEM2422×GE + 2×10GE and 2×OTU2 ethernet switch boardTN11LEX44×10GE and 2×OTU2 ethernet switch board
TN11LOA8 x Any-rate MUX OTU2 Wavelength Conversion BoardTN11LOG,TN12LOG8 x Gigabit Ethernet unit
TN11LOM,TN12LOM8-port multi-service multiplexing & optical wavelength conversion boardTN11LQG4 x GE-multiplex-optical wavelength conversion board
TN13LQM4-channel multi-rate (100Mbit/s-2.5Gbit/s) wavelength conversion unitTN11LQMD,TN12LQMD4-channel multi-rate (100Mbit/s-2.5Gbit/s) wavelength conversion unit, dual fed and selective receiving
TN11LQMS,TN12LQMS4-channel multi-rate (100Mbit/s-2.5Gbit/s) wavelength conversion unit, single fed and single receivingTN12LSC100 Gbit/s wavelength conversion board
TN17LSCM100 Gbit/s wavelength conversion boardTN11LSQ40 Gbit/s wavelength conversion board
40 Gbit/s wavelength conversion boardTN11LSXL,TN12LSXL
40 Gbit/s wavelength conversion board
TN11LSXLR,TN12LSXLR40 Gbit/s wavelength conversion relay unitTN11LSXR10 Gbit/s wavelength conversion relay unit
TN11LTX,TN12LTX10-Port 10Gbit/s Service multiplexing & optical wavelength conversion boardTN11LWX2arbitrary rate (16Mbit/s-2.7Gbit/s) dual-wavelength conversion board
TN11LWXDarbitrary rate (16Mbit/s-2.7Gbit/s) wavelength conversion board (double transmit)TN11LWXS,TN12LWXSarbitrary rate (16Mbit/s-2.7Gbit/s) wavelength conversion board (single transmit)
TN11TMX,TN12TMX4 channels STM-16/OC-48/OTU1 asynchronism mux OTU-2 wavelength conversion board  

List of boards for OTN tributary unit
Board NameBoard DescriptionBoard NameBoard Description
TN11TBE10 Gigabit ethernet tributary boardTN11TDG2 x GE tributary service processing board
2 x 10G tributary service processing boardTN52TOG8 x GE tributary service processing board
TN11TOM,TN52TOM8 x multi-rate ports service processing boardTN11TQM,TN12TQM4 x multi-rate tributary service processing board
TN11TQS4 x STM-16/OC-48/OTU1 tributary service processing boardTN11TQX,TN52TQX
4 x 10 Gbit/s tributary service processing board
TN11TSXL40 Gbit/s tributary service processing board  

List of boards for OTN line unit
Board NameBoard DescriptionBoard NameBoard Description
2 x 10G line service processing boardTN51NQ2,TN52NQ2
4 x 10G Line Service Processing Board
10G Line Service Processing BoardTN11NS3,TN52NS3
40G line service processing board

List of PID and Submarine board
Board NameBoard DescriptionBoard NameBoard Description
TN11BMD4PID Interleaver Board (C-band), 200/100 GHzTN11BMD8PID Interleaver Board (C_Band), 200/50 GHz
TN12ELQX4×Electrical OTU2 with 4×10G Tributary BoardTN12PTQX12× OTU2 PID board with 4×10G Tributary
TN96OBU1C-band Optical Booster UnitTN96WSD99-port flexible wavelength selective demultiplexing board
TN96WSM99-port wavelength selective multiplexing board  

List of boards for Cross-connect unit and system and communication unit
Board NameBoard DescriptionBoard NameBoard Description
TN11XCS,TN12XCScentralized cross connect boardTN11SCC,TN51SCC
system control and communication unit
TN11AUX,TN12AUXsystem auxiliary interface board  

List of Optical multiplexer and demultiplexer unit
Board NameBoard DescriptionBoard NameBoard Description
TN11M40,TN12M4040-channel multiplexing unitTN11D40,TN12D4040-channel demultiplexing unit
TN11M40V,TN12M40V40-channel multiplexing unit with VOATN11D40V40-channel demultiplexing unit with VOA
fiber interface unitTN11ITL,TN12ITLinterleaver board
TN11SFIUfiber interface unit for sync timing  

List of Fixed optical add and drop multiplexing unit
Board NameBoard DescriptionBoard NameBoard Description
TN11CMR2CWDM 2-channel optical add/drop multiplexing unitTN11CMR4CWDM 4-channel optical add/drop multiplexing unit
TN11DMR1CWDM 1-channel bidirectional optical add/drop multiplexing boardTN11MR22-channel optical add/drop multiplexing unit
TN11MR44-channel optical add/drop multiplexing unitTN11MR88-channel optical add/drop multiplexing unit
TN11MR8V,TN12MR8V8-channel optical add/drop multiplexing unit with VOATN11SBM22-channel CWDM single-fiber bidirectional add/drop board

List of Reconfigurable optical add and drop multiplexing unit
Board NameBoard DescriptionBoard NameBoard Description
TN11RDU9,TN12RDU99-port ROADM demultiplexing boardTN11RMU99-port ROADM multiplexing board
TN11ROAMreconfigurable optical adding boardTN12TD2020-ports Tunable Demultiplexing Board
TN11TM2020-ports Wavelength Tunable Multiplexing BoardTN11WSD9,TN12WSD9
9-port wavelength selective switching demultiplexing board
9-port wavelength selective switching multiplexing boardTN11WSMD22-port wavelength selective multiplexer and demultiplexer board
4-port wavelength selective multiplexer and demultiplexer boardTN11WSMD9,TN12WSMD9
9-port wavelength selective multiplexing and demultiplexing board

List of boards for optical amplifier unit
Board NameBoard DescriptionBoard NameBoard Description
TN11CRPCcase-shape Raman pump amplifier unit for C-bandTN11DAS1optical amplifier unit
TN11HBAhigh-power booster amplifier boardTN11OAU1,TN12OAU1
optical amplifier unit
optical booster unitTN11OBU2,TN12OBU2
optical booster unit
backward raman and erbium doped fiber hybrid optical amplifier unit  

List of boards for optical supervisory channel and optical protection unit
Board NameBoard DescriptionBoard NameBoard Description
TN11HSC1,TN12HSC1high power unidirectional optical supervisory channel boardTN11SC1,TN12SC1unidirectional optical supervisory channel unit
TN11SC2,TN12SC2bidirectional optical supervisory channel unitTN11ST2bidirectional optical supervisory channel and timing transmission unit
2-channel optical path protection unitTN11OLP,TN12OLP
optical line protection unit
TN11QCP4-channel optical path protection unitTN11SCSsync optical channel separator unit

List of board for spectrum analyzer/variable optical attenuator/dispersion compensation/clock unit
Board NameBoard DescriptionBoard NameBoard Description
TN11MCA44-channel spectrum analyzer unitTN11MCA88-channel spectrum analyzer unit
TN11OPM8,TN12OPM88-channel optical power monitoring boardTN11WMUwavelength monitoring unit
1-channel variable optical attenuator unitTN11VA4,TN12VA4
4-channel variable optical attenuator unit
TN11DCUdispersion compensation boardTN11TDCsingle-wavelength tunable-dispersion compensation board
TN11STG,TN12STGcentralized clock board  

List of boards for the interface area/Fan/ROPA subsystem unit
Board NameBoard DescriptionBoard NameBoard Description
TN11GFUgain flatness unitTN11RGUROPA gain unit
TN11ROPROPA pumping unitTN11EFIEMI filter interface board
TN11PIUpower interface unitTN11FANFan

Q: Do you have U2000 NMS If I buy OSN 6800 from you?

A: Yes, we can share U2000 software package to our customers for free.

Q: Do you have U2000 NMS License If I buy OSN 6800 from you?

A: Yes, we provide to our customer U2000 license for test purpose, not for commercial use.

Q: Do you offer OSN6800 Subrack separately?

A: Yes, please contact with our sales team for details.

Delivery & Payment
Delivery have regular products in stock, and work together with reliable and high efficiency shipment partner, could deliver to our customers worldwide shortly. In normal condition, your cargo would take 3-5 days lead time and inland transportation to your carriers, then takes delivery days as per different delivery method, would be arrived at your destination safely and securely through reliable international carriers. Tracking No. will be provided once delivery out.
There are 3 delivery methods as default selection.
· FCA China Mainland.
Free of charge for FCA China Mainland
· FCA Hong Kong.
Flat rate 150USD for cargo under 100KG. We can delivery to your appointed address in Hong Kong, like your forwarders address.
Please note:
1, Our warehouses and cargoes are not located in Hong Kong, there are logistic and customs commission charges during China to Hong Kong.
2, If your cargo is small dimension, instead of delivery to you Hong Kong carrier, choosing our DHL service to deliver to your country directly is highly recommended.
· CNF.
International shipping methods are by express like DHL/ Fedex/ UPS, DHL is default; or by normal airfreight;

For cargoes under 45kg, DHL is recommended; For cargoes more than 45kg, considering the time-effectiveness, customs clearance convenience, and freight cost, our sales team will provide DHL and normal airfreight cost for your choice.

Please note: 

1, Insurance is not included by default, please tell our sales team if you need a insurance during transportation.

2, DHL is door to door service, if you choose normal airfreight, you should collect the cargo at airport; and if there have no airport at your city, you should also responsible for the inland transportation between airport to your place.

Payment accepts variety payment methods. We will constantly upgrade our payment system and provide the most convenient method for our client. The Customer may make payment by any one of the following methods, and Wire Transfer is the regular method in
Payment Methods:
wire transfer western union alipay paypal jbc American express discover network mastercard visa
Paying with Wire Transfer
You can do from any your local bank. Usually, we will have your payment within 2 to 3 day.
All fee (payer & payee) generated by the bank wire transfer should be bear by client. Otherwise, the fee will be deducted from the payment we receive.
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Paying with Western Union
 western union
When you buy some items in, you have the option of paying for them at any participating Western Union location. The Western Union charge that applies to is based on the total amount of your transaction.
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Paying with Alipay


Now Alipay is acceptable at, if you have and intend to pay by an Alipay account, please contact with our sales team.

Please send us the T/T payment advice with date and invoice number by using below email or telephone number.
Email to: [email protected]          Call to : +852-3062-3083

All products are vender original products, we provide new equipment for customers, never been used before. Some scratching or copper rust might be seen on the modules, that may caused by carry, inserting in/out from chassis during our in-stock and pre-delivery testing. In normal condition, the scratching and rust are very slightly. When meet with this situation, a picture will send to you first to obtain your confirmation before delivery to you.
Once you bought products from us, we will provide the best post sale service for you. After the shipping out, we will continuously track your cargo until it arrives to your country or region. If there is something wrong during the delivery, we will do our utmost to help you.
Generally, all products provided by, will come with standard vender like 1 year warranty. During the warranty period, will replace any defective Equipment, but the reverse logistics should responsible by buyer, the re-shipment should obey the trade terms of order. If it is unable to locate a suitable replacement, will repair the Equipment. If it is unable to do either, will refund the purchase price to Buyer.
This warranty does not apply to any failure of the Equipment as a result of misuse, abuse, accident, neglect or mishandling, lack of proper maintenance, environmental factors, improper installation or configuration, flood, fire or other natural disasters, physical damage, electrical issues such as lightning, power surges or incorrect electrical voltages, or improper modifications.
This warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the Equipment (“Buyer”).
But if products fail during warranty time, please contact your sales representative, or email to
[email protected] to verify your problem and enquire solutions for the failed products. If the problem
still can't be fixed by remote support trouble shooting methods i.e. email or phone support, then return procedure
See details when you start the return procedure to return policy.
If there’s any post sale question please e-mail at [email protected] or contact with your sales representative.


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Huawei OptiX OSN6800

  • Huawei OptiX OSN6800
  • Huawei OptiX OSN6800
  • Huawei OptiX OSN6800
  • Huawei OptiX OSN6800
  • Huawei OptiX OSN6800