Interbrand top-100, Huawei becomes the first Chinese brand on the list

Interbrand released the 15th annual Best Global Brandson Oct. 9, and a Chinese company broke into the list for the first time throughout history. Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications and networke quipment manufacturer and the world’s third largest smartphone provider was listed No. 94 and is one of five new entrants on the Best Global Brands… Read More »


[Huawei hotspot]Something you need to know about Huawei, the glory of China

Maybe you have seen its logo on MODEN, telephone, Mobile phone or 3G CDMA at home before. Maybe you have noticed its mark on routers, switches or some network equipment before. Maybe you choosed computer network as your major, and once suffered from the torment of the certification of HCIE professor. But you must bear… Read More »

Be ware of Unnecessary ActiveStandby SCC Switching on OSN 3500&7500

Abstract Because 3.3 voltage detecting circuits of SSN1GSCC02 and SSN3GSCC02 boards are of low precision, unnecessary active/standby SCC switching occurs, resulting in a possibility that NEs are unreachable to the NMS. If the ASON feature is enabled on NEs, data configuration may be lost during the active/standby SCC switching. [Problem Description] If the following conditions… Read More »

Be care for SS49SCB Boards DIP Switch on Certain Sets in the Installation State Problem

Abstract: After certain sets of huawei transmission equipment OptiX Metro 1000 V3 (SS49SCB VER.B) restart upon power failure, the SW1,SW2 DIP switch of the NE is in the installation state. As a result, the NE configuration is missing, and the services are interrupted. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The OptiX Metro 1000 V3 (SS49SCB board) restarts… Read More »

Notice of Flash Memory Failure in WDM Products

Summary: Because of defective incoming materials, the Spansion Flash memory units provided in a specific lot cannot erase Flash memory data. Huawei  transmission boards equipped with these Flash memory units occasionally encounter a software uploading failure, patch upgrade failure, or log recording failure; or the boards sometimes reset unexpectedly or fail to boot from a… Read More »

Troubleshoot Link STM-64 using BPA and DCU in OSN 7500II

Background How to troubleshoot link STM-64 in Huawei transmission equipment OSN 7500II using BPA and DCU because although have followed the theory guidance about power input range below , but there always find alarms B2_SD, B1_SD_B2_EXC, MS_RDI, R_LOF appears in its link (by NMS U2000) Link information and BPA specification1. Link : STM-64 2. Board : SLD64 3. Distance :… Read More »

Pay attention for the Software Version Compatibility Issue in OptiX OSN 1800

Summary: For Huawei transmission equipment OptiX OSN 1800 V100R003C01SPC200 ( or an earlier version, services on the TNF2LQM or TNF2LDGF2 board that uses the service chip of version V110 will be unavailable after the board is initialized because of a bug. The problem can be resolved by upgrading the OptiX OSN 1800 to V100R003C01SPC300 (… Read More »

Huawei Ascend Mate7 starts sale in China

Huawei formally launched its latest large-screen flagship smartphone Ascend Mate7, and Ascend P7 of sapphire version and Ascend G7 to the domestic market, the prices of Mate7 standard version and high-end version are 2999 yuan and 3699 yuan respectively. Huawei’s consumer BG CEO Richard Yu once declared in his blog, “Huawei has put extremely high R&D… Read More »

Cations for the Cable of the OptiX OSN 8800 Fan Assembly Is Incorrectly Connected

Summary: Under certain circumstances, a batch of fan assemblies of the Huawei Optical transmission OptiX OSN 8800 T32 or T64 intelligent optical transport platform have a speed regulating problem in high temperature. [Problem Description] When the version of the fan board is changed according to the requirement, the layout and cabling engineer modifies the slot… Read More »

Be Ware of Services Interruption on OptiX OSN 3500

Summary: On a port of an SSN1PEG16 or SSN1PEX1 board of a version earlier than V200R011C03SPC100, both LAG and CAR are enabled. After the board is upgraded to a version between V200R011C03SPC100 and V200R013C10SPC100 (itself excluded), the board is repeatedly reset due to a software bug. As a result, services are interrupted. [Problem Description] Trigger… Read More »