10G Card Issue in Quidway S5300

Issue Description We have a working Huawei LS-S5328C-EI-24S switch with serial no. 210235162110A8003779 and was originally ordered via Quotation no. 000000036552201006180002 in 2010. Recently we installed a LS5D00E4XY00 card (4-port 10GE card) with serial no. 020RYTW0D6000672 and originally ordered via Quotation no. 000000754509201305230001 in above mentioned switch in offline mode. However after switch power-up we… Read More »


In S5700 when configuring voice vlan there is an error says “no enough resources”

Issue Description In S5700 when configuring voice vlan there is an error said  the device does have enough resources ,causing that the reset of 25 ports cannot apply the voice-vlan commands, here is the information :   [S5700-GigabitEthernet0/0/22]voice-vlan 302 enable include-untagged [S5700-GigabitEthernet0/0/22]interface GigabitEthernet0/0 /23 [S5700 -GigabitEthernet0/0/23]undo  voice-vlan 302 enable [S5700- GigabitEthernet0/0/23]voice-vlan 302 enable include-untagged Error:… Read More »

When OptiX OSN 1800 Database Recovery Failures

  Keywords: OptiX OSN 1800, WDM product family,Transport network product line Summary: Intelligent fibers are enabled or disabled at an optical port on the OptiX OSN 1800 V100R001C01SPC100 ( and the NE is upgraded to V100R002C00 SPC100 ( or a later version. If intelligent fibers are reconfigured at the same optical port and the SCC… Read More »

TD Alarms Falsely Reported by Some Boards Using Pluggable Optical Modules in WDM Products

  Keywords: WDM products, OptiX OSN 8800 Summary: If no intra-board cross-connection from the WDM side to the client side is configured for boards that support intra-board cross-connections, these boards may falsely report TD alarms when their optical port lasers are turned on. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The problem occurs on a board when the following… Read More »

Interconnection Between the OLT and the Switch Fails

This topic describes how to troubleshoot the fault when Huawei OLT fails to interconnect with the switch of another vendor due to incorrect Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) configuration on the switch. Fault Type Other Keyword LACP configuration Interconnection failure Fault Description The OLT is connected to a certain type of switch of another vendor… Read More »

When the Software Version Compatibility Issue on the TNF2LQM and TNF2LDGF2 Boards in OptiX OSN 1800

Keywords: WDM products, OptiX OSN 1800 Summary: For OptiX OSN 1800 V100R003C01SPC200 ( or an earlier version, services on the TNF2LQM or TNF2LDGF2 board that uses the service chip of version V110 will be unavailable after the board is initialized because of a bug. The problem can be resolved by upgrading the OptiX OSN 1800 to… Read More »

How to do when Abnormal Optical Power Reporting Caused by the Coupling Exception

Keywords: WDM products, OptiX OSN 6800, OptiX OSN 8800 Summary: When fibers on boards that use the HXFP8240, HXFP8440, or HXFP8441 pluggable module are being removed or inserted, the reported optical power at the receive end is sometimes lower than the actual optical power.   [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The problem occasionally occurs when customer… Read More »