What Caused Occasional NE Unreachability

Keywords: WDM products, OptiX OSN 6800, OptixOSN 8800 Summary: For an NE of a version earlier than OptiX OSN 6800 V100R004C04SPC800 or OptiX OSN 8800 V100R002C02SPC800, there is a low probability that the NE is unreachable by the NMS due to the QFull count error in the DCN communication. [Problem Description] Trigger condition: The problem may… Read More »


when Ring MSP Configuration Failures on SSN1SLQ16 Boards on OSN 3500 Products

Keywords: SSN1SLQ16, MSTP, OptiX OSN 3500 [Problem Description] Trigger condition: 1. The version of an OSN 3500 NE is one of the versions listed in Versions Involved in the preceding table. 2. The logical board is SSN1SLQ16. 3. Configuration data is downloaded from the network management system (NMS), or ports are deleted and then added. Symptom: l During the configuration of the multiplex section… Read More »

Why Broadcast Packets Cannot Be Transmitted Successfully on Several HMSTP Data Boards?

Keywords: OptiX OSN 3500/7500/7500 II, ELAN, LAG, PW, UNI, MSTP Summary: When a physical port on a SSN1PEG8, SSN1PEX2, SSN2PEX1, TNN1EG8, TNN1EG16, or TNN1EX2 board of the OptiX OSN 3500/7500/7500 II in a link aggregation group (LAG) is configured in an ELAN, and the board has only one UNI and one PW interface in the ELAN, some broadcast packets cannot be transmitted successfully in the ELAN.  … Read More »

How The SSE3LWF Board Reports the OTU_LOF Alarm When Interworking with the SSE1TMR

The SSE3LWF board reports the OTU_LOF alarm when interworking with the SSE1TMR. Product OptiX BWS 1600G Fault Type Equipment Interconnection Optical Transponder Unit OTU_LOF Symptom The SSE1TMR board at station B is forced to emit light during the commissioning. Then, the SSE3LWF board at station C reports the OTU_LOF alarm. Perform an inloop on the… Read More »

Warning of Unexpected NE Resets Resulted from Resetting Boards Without a CPU on MSTP NEs

[Problem Description] Triggering conditions l An NE houses N4GSCC boards. l The NE runs a version involved. l A technician reseats a board without a CPU or its serving processing board on the NE. The following lists boards without a CPU: Interface boards: SSN1D75S, SSN1D12S, SSN1D34S, SSN1EU08, SSN1EU08A, SSN1OU08, SSN1TSB4, SSN1TSB8, SSN1EU04, SSN1C34S, SSN1MU04, SSN2OU08, SSN1D12B, SSN1ETF8, SSN1EFF8, SSN1ETS8, SSN1DM12, SSN1ETF8A,… Read More »

What’s the alarm on the OptiX OSN 1800II board restarts after power-off

Summary: When the OptiX OSN 1800II device restarts after power-off, the SCC board reports the HARD_BAD and MOD_COM_FAIL alarms and the HARD_BAD and MOD_COM_FAIL alarms persist. Product Family: WDM     Product Model: OptiX OSN 1800II [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: This problem occasionally occurs (about a 1% probability) when OptiX OSN 1800II devices using V100R005C10SPC100 or earlier versions restart… Read More »

Warning of Failed Cascading on the MA5616 Equipped with the JDSU GE Optical Module

Keywords: MA5616, H831CCUC, JDSU (optical module vendor), GE optical module, GE optical port cascading, cascading failure Summary: An MA5616 equipped with the H831CCUC control board uses the JDSU-provided GE optical module with BOM number 34060286 for upstream cascading. The cascading fails and the LINK indicator on the control board is not on. Product Line: Access Network… Read More »

How to Control Board Failure After an MxU Service Port Is Bound to a Rate Unlimited

Abstract: In MxU V800R306C01, V800R307C00, and V800R307C01, the MxU control board fails after the following operations are performed: Product Line: Access network product line  Product Model: MA5616 l Create a rate unlimited traffic profile (traffic table ip) through the U2000 or N2000. l Bind the traffic profile to a service port on the MxU. Restart the MxU. [Problem Description]… Read More »

How to Clear the DBMS_ERROR Alarm Reported After an Upgrade

Constraint: l This recovery guide is applicable to V200R011C03SPC200, V200R012C00, and V200R012C01 only. 1 Identifying the Problem 1.1 Querying the Database Run the :dbms-query:”23310000.dbf”,mdb command. The query result is shown in the following attachment:《Result.txt》   1.2 Checking Whether a Residual SNCP Pointer Exists As shown in the attachment in 1.1 “Querying the Database”, the 3112103 field is 00 but… Read More »