How to do when Abnormal Optical Power Reporting Caused by the Coupling Exception

Keywords: WDM products, OptiX OSN 6800, OptiX OSN 8800 Summary: When fibers on boards that use the HXFP8240, HXFP8440, or HXFP8441 pluggable module are being removed or inserted, the reported optical power at the receive end is sometimes lower than the actual optical power.   [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The problem occasionally occurs when customer… Read More »


How to do when the Occasional Failure to Go Online for TN11HSC1 Boards

Keywords: WDM, OptiX OSN 6800, OptiX OSN 8800 T16, OptiX OSN 8800 T32 Summary: When TN11HSC is upgraded to V100R007C00SPC200, V100R007C00SPC300, or V100R007C02SPC200, there is a low probability that it fails to go online in an OptiX OSN 8800 T16 subrack, OptiX OSN 8800 T32/T64 slave subrack, or OptiX OSN 6800 slave subrack. When the fault occurs,… Read More »

When Incorrect Fan Rotation Speed Adjustment of the OptiX OSN NG WDM Products

Keywords: WDM products,OptiX OSN NG WDM Summary: For the OptiX OSN NG WDM of a version earlier than V100R006C01SPC200, subrack temperature detection is implemented by the SCC board in the larger-number slot. It is implemented by the SCC board in the smaller-number slot only when the SCC board in the larger-number slot is asserted offline. The… Read More »

When Interruption of Existing Services on Some Data Boards of OSN Products

Keywords: MSTP, SDH, OptiX OSN 9500 Abstract: For an SSN4EGS4/SSN5EFS0/SSN3EFS4/SSN3EGS2/SSN1EFS0A/SSN1EMS2 board of version 2.44 or earlier, an SSN2EGT2 board of version 2.19 or earlier, and SSJ6EGT6A board of all static versions, binding timeslots on new VCTRUNKs with LCAS enabled may result in the interruption of existing services after the boards are warm reset. [Problem Description] Trigger… Read More »

when Ring MSP Configuration Failures on SSN1SLQ16 Boards on OSN 3500 Products

Keywords: SSN1SLQ16, MSTP, OptiX OSN 3500 [Problem Description] Trigger condition: 1. The version of an OSN 3500 NE is one of the versions listed in Versions Involved in the preceding table. 2. The logical board is SSN1SLQ16. 3. Configuration data is downloaded from the network management system (NMS), or ports are deleted and then added. Symptom: l During the configuration of the multiplex section… Read More »