How to Assemble an IMPI on the MA5620G?

Issue Description Q: When the MA5620G provisions an SIP voice service, terminal users are often registered by shelf ID or by slot ID (such as sip:0/22/3/1/1/ How are series of symbols like this are assembled? Alarm Information Null Handling Process A: The general format of “sip:0/22/3/1/1/” is “sip: Channel/Port/Slot/Shelf/Rack/AN-ID@domain”, where Channel is fixed to 0, and Rack is fixed to 1. So variable parameters are only Shelf, Port, Slot, AN-ID and domain. Port indicates the port ID of a subscriber. Slot indicates the slot ID. Shelf indicates the shelf ID. AN-ID indicates the name of an access node and is set by running the raio-anid command. domain indicates the domain name, that is IMS domain name, and is set in the basic attribute home-domain of the SIP interface. Note: In terms of MA5620G, for the versions earlier than V800R305C00B133SPH006, Port, Slot, and Shelf do not indicate actual port ID, slot ID, and shelf ID, but the real ones plus 1; for the versions later than V800R305C00B133SPH006, the actual port ID, slot ID, and shelf ID comprise the IMPI. Root Cause Null Suggestions After the SIP interface is enabled, the device, carrying IMS user private ID (IMPI) information, registers to the IMS regularly. Users can view whether the IMPI assembled by the device meets the requirement by using the DBwin tool. For details of configuration, refer to the MA5620G SIP Voice Service Configuration Procedure.txt.  


Why can not login S5700 after S5700 power on when the software version was upgraded to V200R005C00SPC500?

Issue Description After a customer upgraded the software version to V200R005C00SPC500 and the latest patch V200R005SPH011 from V200R005C00SPC200, he could login S5700 by telnet. Then the S5700 was powered off due to power outage. After he powered on S5700 again, he couldn’t login S5700 by telnet. The topology is simple:   Here are the detail… Read More »

What is the command lines that we can use on the OLT to detect PRTE board status

Issue Description Q: MA5600T(  MA5600V800R005C32B138)  has 2 PRTE one of them is damaged so how can we check it from command line Alarm Information ALARM 2849 FAULT MAJOR 0×15411026 ENVIRONMENTAL 2010-08-12 10:04:24 DST ALARM NAME  : Fan power fault alarm PARAMETERS  : FrameID: 0    EMU ID:  0    Digital ID:  0    EMU Type:  FAN Name:  Power fault Name:  Power fault DESCRIPTION : Fan power fault alarm CAUSE       : Power  fault ADVICE      : Check power Handling Process A: About the querying about the power board through command line please check below commands : If the two board boards is normal: MA5600T(config)#interface emu 0 MA5600T(config-if-fan-0)#display fan { alarm<K>|environment<K>|system<K> }:alarm Command: display fan alarm EMU ID: 0 —————————————————————————- Alarm name                    Alarm state —————————————————————————- Read temperature fault       Normal Fan block                            Normal Temperature high              Normal Power fault                         Normal —————————————————————————- If one of the power board is failure or does not exists MA5600T(config-if-fan-0)#display fan alarm EMU ID: 0 —————————————————————————- Alarm name                    Alarm state —————————————————————————- Read temperature fault       Normal Fan block                             Normal Temperature high               Normal Power fault                          Alarm —————————————————————————- Root Cause null Suggestions Null

How to check service board detail information?

Issue Description Q: How we can check detail information such as manufacture date, BOM code, board type, etc… of service boards on MA5600T which have SCUB control board with V800R006C02 version… Alarm Information Null Handling Process A: Detail information of service boards we can check by following steps: 1. Log in to device 2. enter… Read More »

How to Delete a Console Login Password?

Issue Description How Can I Delete a Console Login Password? Solution Deleting the Console Login Password of a Fixed Switch Running V100R002/V100R003 1.  Restart the switch. When the BootROM menu is displayed, choose option “5. Enter filesystem submenu” to display the file system submenu. 2.  When the file system submenu is displayed, choose option “4.Rename… Read More »

How to enable command log on S9300?

Issue Description The device is not showing the command log, only interface up/down S9300 V100R006C00SPC800 Alarm Information none Handling Process By default, the command log is enabled with: info-center source SHELL channel 4 log level notification Where SHELL is the module name,  4 refers to logbuffer channel and Notification is the command log level. To… Read More »

Why Automatical configuration backup cannot work on S5700

Issue Description Customer configuration automatical configuration backup function on S5700 and found it did not work. Check the logs on S5700 and get below alarm. Sep 25 2014 18:18:51-05:13 S5700-1 %%01CFM/4/B2S_BACKUP_FAILED(l)[0]:Failed to transfer the configuration file to server X.X.X.X through FTP when automatically backing up the configuration Alarm Information Sep 25 2014 18:18:51-05:13 S5700-1 %%01CFM/4/B2S_BACKUP_FAILED(l)[0]:Failed to… Read More »

How to Change the Link Type of an Interface?

Issue Description How Do I Change the Link Type of an Interface? Solution Four link types are defined: access, trunk, hybrid, and dot1q-tunnel. The following provides the methods to set different link types. 1.  Access [Quidway-GigabitEthernet1/0/1] port link-type access [Quidway-GigabitEthernet1/0/1] port default vlan 10 The preceding configuration changes the link type of the interface to… Read More »