Power Module Failure on the TN11AUX Board of OSN 6800?

Summary: The power module (provided by LINEAGE) fails after working for a long time on the Huawei DWDM board TN11AUX on Huawei OptiX OSN 6800 . [Problem Description] Trigger condition: 1. The PCB version of the TN11AUX board is VER.B. 2. The TN11AUX board uses a power module provided by LINEAGE. Symptom: The TN11AUX board reports a HARD_BAD alarm… Read More »


Pay attention to TN51XCS Boards MOS Transistors

Summary: Metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistors in a lot used on TN51XCS boards intended for the Huawei OptiX OSN 8800 have a defect. Because of the defect, the noise introduced by the 12 V power supply on the TN51XCS board is out of range and interferes the signals transmitted over the adjacent high-speed buses. This interference… Read More »

Technical Case: Optical Network

Abstract: This case is face to the emergency situation of Optical Network include Huawei WDM ,NG-SDH, networks and T2000 Double system structure, provides emergency measures for accidents such as running abnormally in T2000, NG-SDH and WDM to guide the maintenance engineers to restore system as soon as possible.. 1 OBJECTIVE Optical network emergency solution is… Read More »

Cautions for Unavailable Services After N2EFT8 & N2EFT8A board is Connected to Third-Party Equipment

Abstract: Since the Generic Framing Procedure (GFP) for the N2EFT8/ N2EFT8A board strictly verifies the GFP frames from third-party huawei transmission equipment after the board is connected to third-party , all frames are discarded and services are unavailable. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: 1. The following three conditions are met during deployment: (1) The NE software is… Read More »

Cautions for Recurring K Byte Caused by Optical Path Jitter of the RMS of the NG-SDH Product

[Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The RMS is in the switchover state, and the status of the Huawei optical fiber in the switchover section jitters. The MSprotocol repetitively switches between the state of waiting for recovery and the switchover state. As a result, the Kbyte in the loop recurs. Fault symptom: Scenario 1: The services that… Read More »

Be Ware of Software Watchdog Reset on the System Control Board of OptiX OSN Equipment

Summary: The software watchdog on the system control board of OSN Products an NE is occasionally reset when ASON gold services are created, rerouted, optimized, and changed among protection levels. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: New gold services are created or the existing gold services are rerouted, optimized, or changed among protection levels. Symptom: NEs are… Read More »

Be ware of Warm Reset of the System Control Board on OptiX OSN Equipment

Summary: The ASON network is unstable. Fiber cut frequently occurs and ASON services are rerouted constantly. In this case, the system control board of an NE is prone to be reset when network resources are insufficient or residual cross connections exist. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The problem is triggered if the following conditions are met:… Read More »

Pay attention for SSN1EAS2 Board Occasional Packet Loss or Ethernet Service Interruption on NG SDH Products

Problem Description Trigger condition: 1. SSN1EAS2 boards use FPGA 110. 2. Cross-connect boards in slot 10 are active cross-connect boards. 3. The PCB of a cross-connect board is SSN1SXCS1, SST1PSXCSA1, SST1PSXCSA, SST2PSXCS, or SSN2SXCS. 4. When the proceeding three conditions are all met, the problem occurs occasionally (about 10% probability) and is determined by SSN1EAS2… Read More »