When unable to configure OSN1800 using built in WebLCT TL1 without need U2000 or WebLCT on laptop?

Issue Description The OSN 1800 can be acess and configured without using U2000 or WebLCT on laptop, instead using the built-in tool , OSN1800 WebLCT for TL1. Open Internet Explorer, type htp:// ‘ Ne ip address’ Login page appears ”OSN1800 Weblct For TL1” Problem occur, once input username n password, 4seconds later we were pushed… Read More »


When compatible stp mode in S5700 Huawei switch with pvst in cisco switches?

Issue Description Problem: What’s the compatible stp mode in Huawei switches with pvst in Cisco switches Product name: S5700 Software version: Quidway S5700 V200R003C00SPC300 Network topology: Configuration: Configure spanning tree protocol mode in S5700 Huawei switch to be compatible with pvst mode in Cisco switch Solution Description: As the default stp(Spanning tree protocol) mode in Cisco switches is pvst and the… Read More »

When the NMS Fail to Synchronize ONUs.

Keywords: ONU version information,  OLT, MA5600T&MA5603T Summary: When an NMS synchronizes with ONUs from an OLT through the FTP, the character string length of the version information (such as the equipment ID, ONT model, ONU hardware version, ONU primary software version, ONU secondary software version) reported by some ONUs exceeds the maximum length defined in the… Read More »

When Prewarning on Service Unavailability of H806GPBH & H806GPBD Boards of MA5600T

Keywords: H806GPBH, H806GPBD, DDR3 cache, slow Internet access, board reset Abstract: When a large number of users are connected to the H806GPBH/H806GPBD boards, the DDR3 read operation occasionally becomes abnormal and the external DDR3 cache returns incorrect data, causing wrong service packets. As a result, slow Internet access, dialup failure, and board reset may occur.   [Problem Description] Trigger conditions 1.… Read More »

How to enable the operation of log forwarding server on the U2000?

Issue Description Q:How to enable the operation of log forwarding server on the U2000 . Alarm Information N/A Handling Process A: 00001. Please check the configuration file blow first: /opt/U2000/server/etc/conf/logsvc.xml In this file ,there have content as below: <syslog name=”syslogReport”> <logType name=”41″> <!– Report switch: 0 – Off; 1 – On. The switch is turned off… Read More »