Payment accepts variety payment methods. We will constantly upgrade our payment system and provide the most convenient method for our client. The Customer may make payment by any one of the following methods, and Wire Transfer is the regular method in
Payment Methods:
 Wire transfer western union alipay paypal JCB Amrican express DICOBER NETWORK Mastercard visa
Paying with Wire Transfer
You can do from any your local bank. Usually, we will have your payment within 2 to 3 day.
All fee (payer & payee) generated by the bank wire transfer should be bear by client. Otherwise, the fee will be deducted from the payment we receive.
Paying with Paypal
 PAYPAL offers an alternative secure payment method via PayPal. PayPal do not insist you open an account, making payment by Credit or Debit card even easier. It's advised you do create an account to enable the benefits of signing up with PayPal, such as buyer protection and faster checkout next time without the need to enter your card details. Our invoicing and back order systems with PayPal work differently from our other payment methods. Our returns system is slightly different, we can only refund you for the items rather than swap them. When paying through PayPal the total order amount will be paid for immediately at checkout when you commit to buy. The items will then be dispatched when we process the order as quickly as we can. If items are out of stock we will aim to dispatch them as soon as possible after they arrive here. The same applies for any back orders that are created due to out of stock items within a larger order. Any canceled orders will be refunded as quickly as possible. Any returns will always be charged back to your original payment method.
Placing a PayPal Order
Add items to your shopping cart, then select checkout in the usual way and follow the on screen instructions Select PayPal as the payment method. Follow the on screen instructions.
You will be redirected to PayPal where you need to choose the PayPal funding source you wish to use for your order. Once you have done this you need to click on the 'Pay now' button to return to PayPal will then charge you for the order total amount and pay this amount to You will not be charged an administration fee for using this service.
If the order is successfully created you will be redirected to a thank you page showing your order number and items ordered. You will then receive 2 emails, 1 from PayPal to confirm your payment and 1 from to confirm your order.
If you are redirected to an error page or do not receive an online confirmation email from us then it is likely that an error prevented the creation of the order at If you are not sure please log into your customer account. If the order does not appear there within 5 minutes then it was not successfully created.
If you receive an email from PayPal stating that you have paid for your order but do not receive an email from, please log into your account and check that the order was successfully created there. If it was not please contact us. account email address, Paypal account email address, the items that you ordered and any vouchers that you used. We will then be able to recreate the order and find your PayPal payment to link it to.
Paying with PayPal without Creating a PayPal Account:
You can now pay with PayPal without the need to open an account. This means PayPal will not hold onto your details after purchase. PayPal recommend you to sign up an account to get the added benefits, such as:
  • Buyer protection guarantees the security of your online shopping.

  • The ability to cancel your order through PayPal.

  • Quicker, card free checkout on future purchases.

  • PayPal limit the number of account free transactions to 10.

Changing your PayPal order
It may be possible to alter an item you have ordered if you discover it is the wrong one.
Orders can only be altered before they are being processed and dispatched. We try to process and dispatch things very quickly so you need to be very quick!
Please contact [email protected] or call to +852-3062-3083?for help. They will try to answer your query as quickly as possible but it may take a couple of days after the weekend and your order may already have been dispatched.
Canceling PayPal Orders
Canceling a PayPal order is exactly the same as canceling any other order with
Please note:
If you are paying with PayPal and have opted not to sign up an account, you are unable to cancel your order through PayPal. In the event you wish to cancel your order and have paid without registering a PayPal account, please contact us who will be able to assist.
If you want to cancel an order before we ship it, just login into your account and view the orders details of the order you wish to cancel, then email to your sale representative. We try to dispatch things very quickly so you need to cancel your order very quickly! If your order is already being processed or has been shipped we are unable to cancel and you will need to return it to us for a refund. On successful cancellation your payment should be immediately refunded to your PayPal account and you should receive emails from us and from PayPal to confirm this. If there is an error and your order is not canceled or refunded, please contact us quoting the order number and they will do their best to help you and refund your payment.
Paying with Western Union
When you buy some items in, you have the option of paying for them at any participating Western Union location. The Western Union charge that applies to is based on the total amount of your transaction.
All fee (payer & payee) generated by the bank wire transfer should be paid by client.Otherwise, the fee will be deducted from the payment we receive.
Receivables account information is as follows:
Visit a Western Union Agent location.
Complete Form. Complete the To Send Money form, including - Receiver's first and last name - The city and country to which the money is being sent.- Receiver’s telephone number.
Collect the receipt from the clerk. Be sure to save the receipt with your MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)
Email us the MTCN number, the items you would like to purchase and your shipping information. On the Payment page, select “Western Union” as your payment method, you will be received an email from us about our account information. And you can pay via Western Union and complete your order.

Paying with Alipay

Now Alipay is acceptable at, if you have and intend to pay by an Alipay account, please contact with our sales team.
Please send us the T/T payment advice with date and invoice number by using below email or telephone number.
Email to: [email protected]            Call to : +852-3062-3083