Data Communication

In order to provide high-availability, high-performance networking for large-scale data centers, ISPs, 

and enterprise IT networks of all types and sizes, Huawei CloudEngine, Campus, and SMB Switches 

combine advanced architecture and design with carrier-grade reliability. 

Because of innovative networking, management, and security features,  enterprise customers keep 

pace with the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth in converged, wired and wireless networks. 

Virtualization, high-density clustering, and Software-Defined Networking technologies provide the 

flexible, scalable switching needed for server-based multimedia applications, resilient cloud-computing, 

and the crush of Big Data.

Huawei switches are deployed worldwide in carrier and enterprise networks, government, finance, 

education, and the healthcare industry.

FTTX Network

Non-stop meet the high availability and bandwidth needs of today’s, multimedia world calls for 

reliable, controllable, and energy conversation network, and Huawei  provides the flexibility of 

the high-performance composite aggregate ICT networks supporting wired, wireless, and optical 


From compact terminals (ONTs) serving SMB/SOHO locations to specialized ONUs for power utilities 

IT infrastructure solutions, Huawei offers highly reliable, easily scalable access products for building 

and managing resilient, secure, and cost-effective networks for telecommunications carriers and 

large-capacity multiple-services platforms.  

Transmission Network

Along with the innovation of radio wireless technology, brings the challenge to transmission network, 

which should adapted for the development of service layers. First transmission network should no 

longer a rigid fixed bandwidth pipe, a dynamically self adjusted flexible bandwidth is required; 

Second, how can transmission network meet the carrier-class service demands in such a IP-based 


Huawei Hybrid MSTP Solution adopt the dual-core architecture which combines the advantage of 

packet transmission and MSTP features,

1. The Hybrid MSTP solution uses the equal-length cell switching (to ensure that the service of a

higher priority passes first), and the low-delay MPLS router core 

(common routers uses the packet-based switching). Thus, the Hybrid MSTP solution device realizes 

efficient and large-capability L2/L3 switching.

2. The Hybrid MSTP soluition is compatible with the MSTP to ensure the smooth network evolution 

and inherits the engineering experience, service quality, and network performance. Huawei Hybrid 

MSTP adopts the packet architecture based on the MPLS router, combines the SDH transport 

experience of packet services, inherits the MSTP features, and thus realizes the TDM+packet bearer.