Huawei MA5620 Series Equipment Port Mirror Capture

Case Information:
Huawei MA5620 series equipment, as the FTTB and FTTC mainstream products, which take up mainstream position in GPON network. So for this kind of equipment also is especially critical of troubleshooting. Based on the relatively new software version of this type of equipment as entry point, which carry with port mirroring function when leave factory. Using of dealing with the data communication equipment caught ideas to deal with PON equipment failure. Let the underlying each port data show in front of engineers, for the whole network packet flow are analyzed, to facilitate fault processing.
1.Can entry ONU equipment configuration interface layout data.
2.Software release is V8R312 above.
3.Install similarly Wireshark data package to capture software.
Operating steps:
1.Connect beaching accommodation
This is factory default account and password of the series of huawei equipment.
The way of logging in:
a. Through OLT equipment configuration interface using Telnet login ONU (configured remote management VLAN and device address);
b. Use the Console line through equipment management con landing interface equipment, connection go into here, the details please check this site "MA5600 OLT equipment upgrade instructions" on the Console line connection of the materials for equipment;
c. Through the Internet directly, landing ONU equipment reserved address

When the equipment leave factory, 0/1 in FE / 1 mouth have a meth port address, the address is:


interface meth0
ip address
Through cable directly connect to PC, Configuration for the 10.11.104. X addresses of IP addresses, and communicate with ONU equipment, can use Telnet protocol on the device.

2.Mirroring configuration


System configuration only supports a mirror the destination port.
Multiple ports can be mirrored to the same destination port.
GPON upward port can be mirrored to FE with registered permanent residence; Can't use FE account mirrored to GPON upward.
Configuration date:
a.Use mirror port command with Ethernet port mirroring port.
b.Use the display mirror command queries Ethernet port mirror configuration.

eg.All the transceiver two-way message 0/1/1 port mapping to 0/1/3 ports
huawei(config)# diagnose
huawei(diagnose)%%mirror port 0/1/1 0/1/3 all
huawei(diagnose)%%display mirror
Source port      Direction      Destination port
0/ 1/ 1         all             0/ 1/ 3

eg.The 0/0/1 gpon port transceiver two-way message are mapped to 0/1/8 ports.
huawei(config)# diagnose
huawei(diagnose)%%mirror port 0/0/1 0/1/8 all
huawei(diagnose)%%display mirror
Source port      Direction      Destination port
0/ 0/ 1         all             0/ 1/ 8
Correction operate
Delete the Ethernet port mirroring
undo mirror port

3.Capture data packet

When configured mirror port parameters, the image can be destination port are connected by a cable to capture packets PC, the PC run similar to the Wireshark’s software of capturing packet, will receive numerous underlying data packets.