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10G 1310nm 10km SM XFP HXB

10G 1310nm 10km SM XFP HXB

PN: 34060313-2
Huawei bulk packed 10G XFP single-module(1310nm,10km,LC) optical transceiver
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TX & RX Power Test

TX/RX Power Test x

TX/RX power test ensures that the optical power are within the thresholds; remove the aged optical module with power loss, and the fake module with counterfeit label.




Bulk pack

Apply to Huawei OSN3500 series EOS board, EAS2; SDH board, STM-64; Packet Processing board, PEX

Apply to Huawei OSN8800 series tributary client side board, typically TDX, TQX; and client port on transponder board, typically LSX, LDX, LTX

Tech Specs
Client-side pluggable optical module equipped specifications (10 Gbit/s Multirate-10 km-XFP)
Optical Module Type10 Gbit/s Multirate-10 km-XFP
Line code formatNRZ
Optical source typeSLM
Target transmission distance(km)10
Transmitter parameter specifications at point S
Operating wavelength range(nm)1290 to 1330
Maximum mean launched power(dBm)-1
Minimum mean launched power(dBm)-6
Minimum extinction ratio(dB)6
Minimum side mode suppression ratio(dB)30
Eye pattern maskG.691-compliant
Receiver parameter specifications at point R
Receiver typePIN
Operating wavelength range(nm)1260 to 1565
Receiver sensitivity(multirate)a(dBm)-11
Receiver sensitivity(10GE LAN)  (dBm)-14.4
Minimum receiver overload (10GE LAN)(dBm)0.5
Minimum receiver overload(STM-64)a (dBm)-1
Maximum reflectance(dB)-27

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