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PN: 01075024
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ETP48400-C4A1 450A 5G site power converter with 6xR4875G, 1xSMU02C
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4U height, can be installed in a 19-inch rack

ETP48400-C4A1, 11 LOAD, 1 BATT

Provides comprehensive battery management

Site monitoring unit: SMU02C

User interface module: UIM05B1

(Optional) Communications expansion module: NIM01C3 or CIM02C

Recitifier R4875G (maximum configure 6)

SSU: S4850G1 (maximum configure 5)


ETP48400-C4A1 is an embedded power system, supports six 75A rectifiers maximum output current 450A. It outputs –48 V and –57 V constant voltages for equipment like Huawei OSN8800 OSN3500 MA5800. Its maximum capacity is 24 kW. The applicable scenarios include 5G sites and capacity expansion and reconstruction of existing sites. It can disconnect each secondary load separately and supports precise metering of the power consumption of each user.


Tech Specs

AC input system

220/380 V AC three-phase four-wire

AC power distribution

AC input: one 4-pole 63 A circuit breaker, one 4-pole 63 A circuit breaker (backup, manual switch, mechanical interlock)

AC output: three 1-pole 16 A circuit breakers

DC power distribution

Three users in total, each of which includes:

LLVD: two 1-pole 125 A circuit breakers; one 1-pole 125 A circuit breaker can be added.

BLVD: two 1-pole 63 A circuit breakers

Common load circuit breaker:

one 1-pole 32 A circuit breaker

Battery: four 1-pole 125 A circuit breakers; one 1-pole 125 A circuit breaker can be added.

AC surge protection

Nominal surge discharge current: 30 kA (8/20 µs), fivž times respectively in the positive and negative directions

Operating temperature

–40°C to +65°C; when the operating

temperature ranges from 55°C to 65°C,

rectifier power is derated automatically

Operating humidity 5%–90% RH (non-condensing)




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  1. Argentina
    ETP48400-C4A1 has total 6 power slots, we required 4 units 75A rectifier R4875G and 2 units solar S4850 for our OSN device systems, good service and pre-ssale technical suggestion.
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