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Huawei MA5800 series 16-port GPON OLT interface board with C+ SFP module
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Hardware Tested

Hardware Tested x

In order to avoid hardware malfunction, each equipment will be strictly tested before delivery and the test report will be packed inside equipment and delivered together. Learn More

TX & RX Power Test

TX/RX Power Test x

TX/RX power test ensures that the optical power are within the thresholds; remove the aged optical module with power loss, and the fake module with counterfeit label.

MA5800 System Test Procedure

To ensure the MA5800 OLT system we provided works well and customers can plug and play, we will do test of hardware malfunction, main-control boards version consistency, service boards compatibility with the system and GPON SFP modules performance. Main t


Huawei 16-GPON Port Interface Card with C+ SFP module

Apply to Huawei MA5800 X2, X7, X15, X17 NG OLT system

Max split radio 1:128

Transmit Speed: 2.49Gbit/s, Receive Speed: 1.24Gbit/s

Interface Type: SC/PC

Max Transmit Distance: 20KM

Transmit Wavelength: 1490nm, Receive Wavelength: 1310nm

Standards Compliance: ITU-T G.984.1, ITU-T G.984.2, ITU-T G.984.3, ITU-T G.984.4

C+ SFP Module Optical Power: 3 dBm~7 dBm, Receiver Sensitivity: -32 dBm


GPHF is a 16 port GPON interface card of Huawei NG OLT, provides GPON service access from ONT. GPHF can maximum access 16*128 GPON subscribers. 


Huawei GPON Board.jpg

Tech Specs
Front Pannel


Service ports
GPON Port 16-GPON Port
GPON SFP Module Specification
Type C+ Module : One-fiber bi-directional optical module, class C+
Operating Wavelength Tx: 1490 nm, Rx: 1310 nm
Encapsulation Type SFP
Port Rate Tx: 2.49 Gbit/s, Rx: 1.24 Gbit/s
Minimun Output Optical Power C+ Module : 3.00 dBm
Maximum Output Optical Power C+ Module : 7.00 dBm
Maximum Receiver Sensitivity C+ Module : -32.00 dBm
Optical Connector Type SC/PC
Optical Fiber Type Single-mode
Reach 20.00 km
Overload Optical Power C+ Module : -12.0 dBm
Extinction Ratio 8.2 dB
Device Specifications
Dimensions (W x D x H) 23.30 mm * 257.90 mm * 399.20 mm
Power Consumption and Maximum Frame Size
Power Consumption Static: 25W; Maximum:50W
Maximum Frame Size 2004 bytes
9216 bytes (jumbo frame enabled)
Operating temperature -40°C to +65°C



Q: What's the difference among H901GPHF, H901GPSF, H805GPFD?


Port16 GPON ports with SFP optical modules16 GPON ports with SFP optical modules16 GPON ports with SFP optical modules
Max. split radioClass B+: 1:64
Class C+/C++: 1:128
Class B+: 1:64
Class C+/C++: 1:128
Class B+: 1:64
Class C+/C++: 1:128
Forwarding capability40 Gbit/s40 Gbit/s40 Gbit/s
T-CONTs per PON port102410241K
Service flows per PON board163841638416K
Maximum frame size2004 bytes
9216 bytes(jumbo frame enabled)
2004 bytes2004 bytes
9216 bytes(jumbo frame enabled)
Maximum number of MAC addresses1310721638464K
Maximum distance difference between two ONUs under the same PON port40 km40 km40 km from V800R013
CAR groupSupportedSupportedSupported
Queue scheduling hierarchy4-level HQoS2-hierarchical HQoS4-level HQoS
IPv6  Supported
Variable-length OMCISupportedSupportedSupported from V800R013
ONU-based shaping or queue-based shapingSupportedSupportedSupported
Load sharingSupportedSupportedSupported
High-precision clock time synchronization  Supported
Type B protection (dual-homing)SupportedNot supported 
Type B Protection (single-homing)/ Type CSupportedSupported 
Type B/Type C protection  Supported
1588v2SupportedNot supported 
Rogue ONU detection and isolationSupportedSupportedSupported
Automatic shutdown at high temperatureSupportedSupportedSupported
Automatic shutdown of an idle portSupportedSupportedSupported
D-CCAP networkingSupportedSupported 
1:64 eOTDRSupported (with FBG)Supported (with FBG)Supported
Operating temperature-40°C to +65°C-40°C to +65°C-25°C to +65°C
Power consumptionStatic: 25 W
Maximum: 50 W
Static: 25 W
Maximum: 50 W
Static: 26 W
Maximum: 50 W

Q: When deploying GPON network, what are the differences between GPSF and GPHF? 

A: GPSF only can supports FTTH, while GPHF supports FTTH, FTTO, FTTM and D-CCAP.

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  1. UK
    We buy 9pcs H901 version GPHF, same specs as H902/H903, but some cheaper price.
  2. Spain
    Very professional, the product is tested before shipping.
  3. Germany
    I bought 16 pcs, and each one has a test report
  4. Chile
    I purchased over 200pcs GPHF Boards from in one order, they have plenty quantities in stock, and all boards and SFP modules are power on tested before shipping, very reliable.
  5. Anguilla
    I am interested in buying MA5800 X2; What is the difference between GPHF and GPUF?
  6. Chile
    GPON board expansion, brand new, evens the C+ modules. is very professional their engineer helped us solve the problem of register ONT on our MA5800. Next time, we will buy OLT Chassis with board here.
  7. Angola
    Delivery is so fast, we configure it on our MA5800 X2 once we get it, really higher receive sensitivity than GPHF with B+ modules.
  8. Nepal
    15pcs H901GPHF C+ purchased from, brand new with good packing, most important, they record the SN of each SFPs
  9. Global
    i planned to buy 5600T, but 16 Port GPON GPFD price is much higher than before. so I bought New MA5800 with GPHF, no much price difference, but really better performance, thanks for the sales good recommendation.
  10. Global
    very good outer packaging, arrived in good condition, thanks
  11. Global
    with MA5800-X15 together purchased, performs well.
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