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Huawei OptiX Metro3000
Huawei OptiX Metro3000

Huawei OptiX Metro3000

PN: 02112982
Huawei STM-16/STM-4 level MSTP Metro 3000 Subrack equipped with 1xPBU
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Hardware Compatibility

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Software Compatibility

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Includes Metro 3000 Subrack, 2 PCS Power Cable, 1 PCS Earth Cable, 2 PCS Mount Ear, accessory Package

Support High-capacity, multi-rate and multi-protocol access.

Support Powerful MADM, flexible networking and configuration capabilities.

Support a variety of Ethernet business model.

Support 1 +1 hot backup equipment protection.

Support TPS protection, Network-level protection, Network-level link layer service protection.


Huawei Metro 3000 is a STM-16 level MSTP, It have 12 service slots. Metro3000 Subrack comes with one PBU (Power Interface Unit), 2 PCS Power Cable, 1 PCS Earth Cable, 2 PCS Mount Ear, accessory Package. also offers typical configuration bundle line, to meet your different requirement on various scenarios. In addition, provides self configuration page, where you can configure your own Metro3000 by selecting boards and items yourself. With our professional technical support to rich your experience. Besides Metro3000, also provide smaller capacity Metro1000, if your service requirement is STM16 level, we can provide OSN 1500, OSN 2500, STM 64 level, we can provide OSN 3500, OSN 7500

Tech Specs
Switching CapacityTDM: 60 Gbit/s (higher order), 20 Gbit/s (lower order)
Service  Slots12 slots for processing boards and 8 slots for interface boards
Supported InterfacesMSTP  interfacesSTM-16/4/1, E1/E3/E4/T1/T3, FE/GE, DDN, IMA/ATM, FEC/EFEC, SAN, Video
WDM interfaces40-channel DWDM interfaces, compliant with ITU-T G.694.1
8-channel CWDM interfaces, compliant with ITU-T G.694.2
Power  SupplyDC: -48V DC or -60V DC, AC: 220V/110V AC
Maximum Number of Services Supported by  a Single SubrackService InterfaceMaxService InterfaceMax
STM-192STM-1 (electrical)38
DDN(N×64K)32Framed E132
Clock SynchronizationLine clock source
Tributary clock source
Two external clock inputs/outputs (2 MHz or 2 Mbit/s)
Auxiliary InterfaceOrderwire interface, NNI connection interfaces
Management serial interface, serial interfaces, 64 kbit/s codirectional data channel, 10M/100M NM interface,commissioning interface
Alarm interface, Cabinet alarm indicator interface
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions(mm)668 (H) x 530 (W) x 542 (D)


Q: What is the slot access?



Q: What boards are applicable on Metro3000?


List of Cross-connect and system control board
BoardDescriptionValid Slot
XCSCross-connect and timing boardXCS
XCLLow speed synchronization cross-connect boardXCS
EXCSEnhanced cross-connect and timing boardXCS
SCCSystem control & communication  boardSCC


List of SDH boards
BoardDescriptionValid Slot
SDE2xSTM-1 electrical interface boardIU1–4, IU9–12, IUP
SQE4xSTM-1 electrical interface boardIU1–4, IU9–12, IUP
S161xSTM-16 optical interface boardIU4–9*
SD42xSTM-4 optical interface boardIU4–9
SL41xSTM-4 optical interface boardIU1–12
SQ14xSTM-1 optical interface boardIU1–12
SD12xSTM-1 optical interface boardIU1–12
SL11xSTM-1 optical interface boardIU1–12


List of PDH boards 
BoardDescriptionValid Slot
PD132xE1 interface boardIU1–4, IU9–12, IUP
PQ163xE1 interface boardIU1–4, IU9–12, IUP
PM132xE1/T1 interface boardIU1–4, IU9–12, IUP
PQM63xE1/T1 interface boardIU1–4, IU9–12, IUP
PL33xE3/T3 interface boardIU1–4, IU9–12, IUP
PQ312xE3/T3 interface boardIU1–4, IU9–12, IUP
PQ44xE4 electrical interface boardIU1–4, IU9–12, IUP
SPQ44xE4/STM-1 PDH interface boardIU1–4, IU9–12, IUP


List of tone and data access unit & DDN interface, ATM access unit
BoardDescriptionValid Slot
TDACase-shape tone and data access unit
DX1DDN processing boardIU1–4, IU9–12, IUP
AL1155 Mbit/s ATM processing boardIU1–4, IU9–12
IDQ14x155 Mbit/s IMA processing boardIU1–IU12*
IDL41x622 Mbit/s IMA processing boardIU1–IU12*

List of Optical amplification board
BoardDescriptionValid Slot
BPAOptical booster & pre-amplifier boardIU2, IU4, IU6, IU8, IU10, IU12
COACase-shape optical amplifier boardIU2, IU4, IU6, IU8, IU10, IU12
BA2Optical booster amplifier boardIU2, IU4, IU6, IU8, IU10, IU12

List of Ethernet access board
BoardDescriptionValid Slot
ET1Fast Ethernet VC-12 transparent transmission
IU1–4, IU9–12
ET1SFast Ethernet VC-12 switching processing boardIU1–4, IU9–12
EMS1Fast/Gigabit Ethernet switching processing boardIU4*, IU9*
EFS0Fast Ethernet VC12/VC3 switching processing
IU1–4, IU9–12
EGT2Gigabit Ethernet VC-4/VC-3 transparent
transmission board
EFTFast Ethernet VC-12/VC-3 transparent transmission boardIU1–4, IU9–12
EGTGigabit Ethernet transparent transmission boardIU4–9*

Q: Do you have U2000 NMS if I buy Metro3000 from you?

A: Yes, we can share U2000 software package to our customers for free.


Q: Do you have U2000 NMS License if I buy Metro3000 from you?

A: Yes, we provide to our customer U2000 license for test purpose, not for commercial use.


Q: Does Metro3000 have AC power supply?

A: No, Metro3000 power interface unit PIU is DC -48V input only, if you need a AC/DC power converter, please contact with sales team.


Q: Do you offer Metro3000 Subrack separately?

A: Yes, please contact with our sales team for details.

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