Huawei OptiX OSN3500

Huawei STM-64/STM-16 level MSTP OSN3500 Subrack with 15 service slots, equipped with 2xSSN1PIUB, 1xSSN1AUX

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In this document, we will show you how tests SDH equipment product boards.
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Includes OSN 3500 Subrack, 2 PCS Power Cable, 1 PCS Earth Cable, 2 PCS Mount Ear, accessory Package

Support mesh networking, network nodes plug and play.

Support dynamic increase of rate and capacity.

Support chain, ring, tangent rings, intersecting rings, etc networking topologies.

Support maximum 2 STM-64, 11 STM-16 four-fiber MSP rings, 4 STM-64, 12 STM-16 two-fiber MSP rings.

Support Mesh Protection and Restoration(ASON).

Support distributed restorable rerouting protection.

Support 5-level service dedicated protection scheme.

Support 2/4 fiber MSP Ring; 1+1, 1: n Linear MSP; SNCP/SNCMP/SNCTP.

Support fiber shared virtual path protection; fiber shared MSP ring; DNI (ITU-TG.842) SDH network protection.

Support Ethernet: RPR, RSTP ATM: VP-RING/VC-RING service protection.


Huawei OSN3500 is a STM-64 level MSTP, It have 15 service slots and can MAX support 12xSTM-64 interface.

OSN3500 empty subrack SSNESUBRACK default equipped with 2 SSN1PIU (Power Interface Unit), 1 SSN1AUX (System Auxiliary Interface Board), 2 PCS power cable, 1 PCS earth cable, 1 accessory package. Others system board and service board are configurable. also offers typical configuration bundle line, to meet your different requirement on various scenarios. In addition, provides self configuration page, where you can configure your own OSN3500 by selecting boards and items yourself. With our professional technical support to rich your experience. Besides OSN 3500, also provide larger capacity OSN 7500, if your service requirement is STM16 level, we can provide OSN 1500, OSN 2500.


Tech Specs
Switch Capacity TDM: 200 Gbit/s (higher order), 20 Gbit/s (lower order)
Packet: 160 Gbit/s
Service Slots 15 slots for processing boards and 16 slots for interface boards
Supported interfaces MSTP interfaces STM-1 /4/16/64, E1/E3/E4/T1/T3, FE/GE/10GE, DDN, IMA/ATM, FEC/EFEC, E1 optical interface, SAN, Video
PCM interfaces FXS/FX O, 2/4 wire/E&M
V.35/X .21/V.11/V.24/V.28, RS232/422, G.703 64Kbit/s codirectional interface
Packet transport interfaces E1, ch STM-1, ATM STM-1, FE/GE/10GE
WDM interfaces 40-cha nnel DWDM interfaces, compliant with ITU-T G.694.1
8-chan nel CWDM interfaces, compliant with ITU-T G.694.2
Power Supply DC: -48V DC or -60V DC
AC: 220V/110V AC
Maximum Number of
Services Supported by a Single Subrack
Service Interface Max Service Interface Max
STM-64 12 STM-16 60
STM-4 142 STM-1 224
STM-1 (electrical) 132 E4 32
E3/T3 117 E1/T1 504
E1 Optical 112 FE 180
GE 56 10GE 16
DDN (N×64K) 64 Framed E1 64
FXS/FXO 90 2/4 wire/E&M 64
STM-1 ATM 60 STM-4 ATM 15
FC200 8 DVB-ASI 56
Clock Synchronization Line clock source
Tributary clock source
Two external clock inputs/outputs (2 MHz or 2 Mbit/s)
Auxiliary Interface Orderwire interface, NNI connection interfaces
management serial interface, serial interfaces, 64 kbit/s codirectional data channel, 10M/100M NM interface, commissioning interface
Alarm interface, Cabinet alarm indicator interface
Mechanical Specification
Dimensions(mm) 722 (H) x 497 (W) x 295 (D)
Weight(kg) 38


Additional information
Weight 59.0 kg
Dimensions 62.6 × 47.4 × 10.0 cm

Q: What is the slot access capacity?

A: OSN3500 slot access capacity is different when equip with different Cross-Connect Board.

When the N1PSXCS board is used (dual-slot)

When the N2PSXCSA/N3PSXCSA board is used (single slots)

Q: What boards are applicable on OSN3500?


List of Cross Connect Boards
Super  Cross-connect and Synchronous Timing Board (supporting packet features) N1SXCSA Super  cross-connect and synchronous timing board (only applicable in TDM mode)
N1GXCSA General cross-connect and synchronous timing board N1SXCSB Super cross-connect and synchronous timing board (connected to the extended subrack)
N1EXCSA Enhanced cross-connect and synchronous timing board N1IXCSA Infinite cross-connect and synchronous timing board
N1UXCSA Ultra cross-connect and synchronous timing board N1IXCSB Infinite cross-connect and synchronous timing board (connected to the extended subrack)
N1UXCSB Ultra cross-connect and synchronous timing board (connected to the extended subrack) N1XCE Cross-connect and timing board for the extended subrack
N1FXCSA Full cross-connect and synchronous timing board
List of System Control Board
System Control and Communication Board
List of packet processing boards
N1PEX2 2-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching processing board N1PEX1/N2PX1 1x10GE Ethernet processing board
N1PEG16 16xGE Ethernet processing board N1PEG8 8-port Gigabit Ethernet switching processing board
 List of packet interface boards
N1CQ1 4-port channelized STM-1 CES optical interface board N1PEFF8 8-port FE optical interface board
N1PETF8 8xFE electrical interface board N1MD12 Multi-protocol 32xE1 interface board (120 ohms)
N1MD75 Multi-protocol 32xE1 interface board (75 ohms)
List of EoD boards
N1EDQ41 4-port 622/155 Mbit/s SDH optical interface Ethernet dual-mode multi-function processing board
List of SDH boards
N4SLD64/N1SLD64 2xSTM-64 optical interface board N4SLO16
8xSTM-16 optical interface board
N4SFD64 2xSTM-64 optical interface board with the FEC function N4SLQ16
4xSTM-16 optical interface board
N1SL64/N2SL64/N4SL64 1xSTM-64 optical interface board N1SLD16 2xSTM-16 optical interface board
N3SL16/N3SL16A 1xSTM-16 optical interface board N1SL16/N1SL16A
1xSTM-16 optical interface board
N1SF16 1xSTM-16 optical interface board (with the outband FEC function) N3SLH41 16xSTM-4/STM-1 optical interface board
N1SF16E 1xSTM-16 optical interface board (with the outband EFEC function) N3SLQ41 4xSTM-4/STM-1 optical interface board
N1SLD4/N2SLD4/N1SLD4A 2xSTM-4 optical interface board N1SLQ4/N2SLQ4 4xSTM-4 optical interface board
N1SL4/N2SL4/N1SL4A 1xSTM-4 optical interface board N1SLQ4A 4xSTM-4 optical interface board
N1SLH1 16xSTM-1 signal processing board N1SLT1 12xSTM-1 optical interface board
N1EU08 8xSTM-1 electrical interface board N1OU08 8xSTM-1 optical/electrical interface board (LC)
N2SLO1/N3SLO1 8xSTM-1 optical interface board N2OU08 8xSTM-1 optical interface board (SC)
N1SLQ1/N2SLQ1/N1SLQ1A 4xSTM-1 optical interface board N1SL1/N2SL1/N1SL1A 1xSTM-1 optical interface board
N1SEP1 2xSTM-1 line processing board when interfaces are available on the front panel
8xSTM-1 line processing board when interfaces are available on the corresponding
interface board
List of PDH boards
N1SPQ4/N2SPQ4 4xE4/STM-1 electrical processing board N1MU04 4xE4/STM-1 electrical interface board
N2PQ3 12xE3/T3 service processing board N1D34S 6xE3/T3 electrical switching interface board
N1C34S 3xE3/T3 electrical switching interface board N1PD3/N2PD3 6xE3/T3 service processing board
N1PL3/N2PL3 3xE3/T3 service processing board N1PL3A/N2PL3A 3xE3/T3 service processing board (Interfaces are available on the front panel.)
N1PQ1/N2PQ1 63xE1 service processing board N1PQM 63xE1/T1 service processing board
N1D12B 32xE1/T1 electrical switching interface board N1D12S 32xE1/T1 electrical switching interface board (120 ohms)
N1PFL1 8xE1 optical processing board N1D75S 32xE1 electrical switching interface board (75 ohms)
N1TSB8 8-port electrical switching interface board N1DX1/N3DX1 DDN service accessing and converging board
N1DM12 DDN service interface board N1DXA DDN service converging and processing board
List of EoS boards
N1EFT8/N2EFT8 8xFE/16xFE transparent transmission board N1EAS2/N3EAS2 2x10GE Layer 2 switching and processing board
N1EFT8A/N2EFT8A 8xFE transparent transmission board N1EGSH 16xGE switching and processing board
N1EFS0A 16xFE switching and processing board N1EMS4 4xGE and 16xFE switching and processing board
8xFE switching and processing board N1EMS2 2xGE and 16xFE switching and processing board
N1EFS4/N2EFS4/N3EFS4 4xFE switching and processing board N1EGS/4N3EGS4 4xGE switching and processing board
N1EFF8/N1EFF8A 8x100M Ethernet optical interface board N1EGT/2N2EGT2 2xGE transparent transmission board
N1ETF8/N1ETF8A 8x100M Ethernet twisted-pair interface board N2EGS2, N3EGS2 2xGE switching and processing board
N1ETS8 8×10/100M Ethernet twisted pair interface switching board
List of ATM boards
N1ADL4/N1IDL4 1xSTM-4 ATM service processing board N1ADQ/1N1IDQ1 4xSTM-1 ATM service processing board
                                                                        List of RPR boards
N2EGR2 2xGE ring processing board N2EMR0 12xFE and 1xGE ring processing board
List of SAN/video boards
N1VST4 4-port video service transparent transmission board N1MST4 4-port multi-service transparent transmission board
List of PCM boards
N1FXSO12 12-port FXS/FXO processing board N1FXS12 12-port FXS processing board
N1FXO12 12-port FXO processing board N1AT6 6-port 2/4 wire and E&M processing board
List of WDM boards
TN11CMR4 4-channel optical add/drop multiplexing board TN11CMR/TN11CMR2 2-channel optical add/drop multiplexing board
TN11MR2 2-port optical add/drop multiplexing board N1MR2C/N1MR2A 2-channel optical add/drop multiplexing board
TN11MR4 4-port optical add/drop multiplexing board N1CMD2 2-channel bidirectional optical multiplexer and demultiplexer board
N1LWX Arbitrary bit rate wavelength conversion board TNN1XMD2 2-channel bidirectional optical add/drop multiplexing board
N1FIB Filter isolating board
List of auxiliary boards
N1AUX System auxiliary interface board N1FAN Fan board
 List of optical amplifier boards and dispersion compensation boards
N1BPA/N2BPA One-channel power amplifier and one-channel pre-amplifier board N1COA, 61COA,62COA Case-shaped optical amplifier
N1DCU/N2DCU Dispersion compensation board TN11OBU1/TN12OBU2 Optical booster amplifier board
N1BA2 Two-channel power amplifier board N1RPC01/N1RPC02 Backward Raman driving board (external)
lists all power boards and their applicable products.
UPM Uninterruptible power module N1PIU Power interface board (supporting standard subracks)
N1PIUA Power interface board (supporting 1100 W enhanced subrack.) N1PIUB Power interface board (supporting type III subracks)

Q: Can I use new version board to replace old version ones?

A: Yes, most of OSN3500 service board, you can use newer verison to replace old ones, here listed some ordinary substitution boards below, or you can contact technical sales team to confirm the board substitution relation.

Substitute Board To-Be-Substituted Board Substitute Board To-Be-Substituted Board
N2PL3 N1PL3 N3SL16 N1SL16
N2PQ1B N1PQ1B N4SL64 N1SL64/N2SL64

Q: Is there any restrictions for board substitution?

A: Yes, there list some restrictions when board substitution below, or you can contact technical sales team to confirm the board substitution relation.

Board That Supports the Board Version Replacement Function Board That Cannot Be Substituted Condition
N1SL16A N2SL16A/N3SL16A The TCM function is enabled for the N2SL16A/N3SL16A.
N1SL64 N2SL64 The TCM function is enabled or AU-3 services are configured for the N2SL64.
N1SLQ16 N2SLQ16 The TCM function is enabled or AU-3 services are configured for the N2SLQ16.
N3SL16 N2SL16 The TCM function is enabled or AU-3 services are configured for the N2SL16.
N3SL16A N2SL16A AU-3 services are configured for the N2SL16A.
N3SLO1 N2SLO1 AU-3 services are configured for the N2SLO1.
N4SL64 N2SL64 The TCM function is enabled or AU-3 services are configured for the N2SL64.
N2EFS0/N4EFS0 N1EFS0 The N1EFS0 is configured with QoS functions.If an N4EFS0/N2EFS0 is configured as an N1EFS0 and the simulation package loading method is used, the board software of the N1EFS0 is loaded. As a result, a cold reset is performed on the board and the board version replacement function becomes ineffective. Therefore, an N4EFS0/N2EFS0 must not be configured as an N1EFS0.
N2EFS4 N1EFS4 If an N2EFS4 is configured as an N1EFS4 and the simulation package loading method is used, the board software of the N1EFS4 is loaded. As a result, a cold reset is performed on the board and the board version replacement function becomes ineffective. Therefore, an N2EFS4 must not be configured as an N1EFS4.
N4EFS0 N2EFS0 If an N4EFS0 is configured as an N2EFS0 and the simulation package loading method is used, the board software of the N2EFS0 is loaded. As a result, a cold reset is performed on the board and the board version replacement function becomes ineffective. Therefore, an N4EFS0 must not be configured as an N2EFS0.
N2EGS2 N1EGS2 The N1EGS2 is configured with QoS functions.
N1BPA N2BPA The ALS function is required but not enabled on the line board.
N2BPA N1BPA The ALS function is required but not enabled on the N2BPA.

Q: What is P1L1-2D2 module, the name is not ordinary

A: P1L1-2D2 is STM-64 optical module in N4SL64 board, distance is 80KM; same function like LS64.2 in N1SL64

Q: Does V64.2B module can transit over 120km?

A: Yes, but V64.2B must work together with BPA board and DCU board.

Q: What is different with Huawei OSN3500 and OSN1500

A: OSN3500 is STM64 level MSTP, while OSN1500 is STM16 level

Q: Do you have U2000 NMS and U2000 NMS License If I buy OSN 3500 from you?

A: Yes, we can share U2000 software package for our customer free of charge and provide our customer U2000 license for test purpose, not for commercial use.

Q: Does OSN3500 have AC power supply?

A: No, OSN3500 power interface unit PIU is DC -48V input only, if you need a AC/DC power converter, ETP4890 is recommended, please contact with sales team.

Q: Except EAS2, does OSN3500 have other board for 10GE service?

A: Yes, besides EAS2 boards, also have PEX1 and PEX2; different is EAS2 for MSTP version, PEX1/PEX2 for Hybrid MSTP version. Contact for more info.

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    This is my second purchase from, I pay attention to the quality of service, so I chose again

  3. Hrant

    Does OSN 3500 support management of the UPM system?

  4. Mohammad

    I was trying to configure this MUX and found one issue on the STM4 card. Only 2 ports out 4 is recognised, we swapped SFP etc but only port 1 and 2 are active 3 and 4 are not.

  5. Gustavo

    Quick and professional technical support when i have question about configuration, but communicating with their engineer is a little difficult.

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    Everything is ok, but the delivery

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    Good product, but slow delivery.

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    I like this company, great deals and easy to work with. Especially, there are some cute sales.

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    I have bought Huawei OSN 3500 from several times, the sales manager is patient for me, there price is lower than other distributors, It is a pleasant shopping at a time. what disappointment me is that the delivery is too late, But after I asked, they soon give me the solution.

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