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PN: 03030GJA
Huawei Metro3000 Cross Connection/clock Integrated Board
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Hardware Tested

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In order to avoid hardware malfunction, each equipment will be strictly tested before delivery and the test report will be packed inside equipment and delivered together.Learn More

Hardware Compatibility

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Backed up by our experienced pre-sales support team, and volume documentation, to avoid purchasing incompatible hardware.

Software Compatibility

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Software compatibility test between active/standby system board, main control board and service board, mother/sub-card; system commissioning test to prevent all software conflicts.

Firmware Upgrades

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Support two-fiber unidirectional and bidirectional MSPs, four-fiber MSP, unidirectional and bidirectional SNCPs, PPs.

Support the 1:1, 1+1 and 1:N (1< N≤ 14) MSP mode.

Supports SNCP and SNCP, SNCP and PP, SNCP and MSP, MSP and MSP, and PP and MSP protection scheme.

Supports intersection and DNI protection for the following: SNCP and SNCP, SNCP and MSP, and MSP and MSP.

Support node failure protection. adopts the 1+1 hot backup.

Support phase-lock 2 external timing signals and 12 timing signals of the interface units, provide 2 timing signals, and generate system clock signals.


XCS is a Cross-Connect board for Huawei Metro 3000, provide 128x128 VC-4s High order, 32x32 VC-4 Low order Cross-Connect capacity and 96VC-4s Access capacity. XCS have 65 version, part number is 03030GJA.

Tech Specs
Front Panel

The front panel of the SS65XCS has indicators and a bar code.

Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (mm)

340 (H)x40 (W)x218.5 (D)



Q: Can I use only one SS65XCS board in Metro 3000?

A: Yes, you can, but that highly not recommended.

Q: What's the cross-connected capacity of XCS?


Higher order cross-connect capacity(Gbit/s)Lower order cross-connect capacity(Gbit/s)Access capacity(Gbit/s)
XCS128x128 VC-4s32x32 VC-4 96VC-4s

Q: The board is new or refurbished?

A: Yes, it is original new, not been used.

Q: Can I return/exchange board if not compatible with my system?

A: Yes, please tell our sales team your system and main control board version, before your purchase.

Q: What is the lead time for XCS board?

A: In normal condition is 5 days, better to confirm with our sales team before your purchase.

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