When Users Fail Wireless Portal Authentication by the S12708 and Policy Center 

Wireless Portal authentication is configured on the S12708 and Policy Center. The VPN instance XX is bound to VLANIF 256 of the switch for communication with the Portal server. Authentication fails and no authentication records are displayed on the Portal server. The configuration on the switch is as follows: sysname Core_S12708 # set net-manager vpn-instance… Read More »


When Can not login S5700 after S5700 power on?

Issue Description After a customer upgraded the software version to V200R005C00SPC500 and the latest patch V200R005SPH011 from V200R005C00SPC200, he could login S5700 by telnet. Then the S5700 was powered off due to power outage. After he powered on S5700 again, he couldn’t login S5700 by telnet. The topology is simple:   Here are the detail… Read More »

How Is MAC Address Authentication Configured on the S5700?

Issue Description Version: V100R005C01SPC100 Question: How is MAC address authentication configured on the S5700? Alarm Information None Handling Process Answer: Local MAC address authentication can be configured as follows: [Quidway]mac-authen [Quidway]mac-authen username macaddress format with-hyphen [Quidway]aaa [Quidway-aaa] [Quidway-aaa]local-user f0de-f163-76d5 password simple f0de-f163-76d5 [Quidway]int ethe0/0/4 [Quidway-Ethernet0/0/4]mac-authen When MAC address authentication fails, the switch does not learn… Read More »

When meet Issue about RRPP ring status on S7700 .

Issue Description 1. Topology 2. After configured, the sub ring status is preforwarding on S7700 RRPP Ring      : 2 Ring Level     : 1 Node Mode    : Edge Transit Ring State     : PreForwarding Is Enabled     : Enable                             Is Active: Yes Primary port   : Ethernet2/0/2                 Port status: UP Ethernet2/0/3                 Port status: UP Secondary port : Ethernet2/0/5              Port status: BLOCKED… Read More »

When cannot ping the server through S5700HI VLL network.

Issue Description 1. Topology Client — L3VPN — NE40E(PE) —- S5700HI-1(P) — S5700HI(PE) —– Access Switch — Server 2. Problem description Configure VLL service between NE40E and S5700HI. Found some servers can ping and some cannot ping from client. Alarm Information None Handling Process 1. Ping Server from access switch and it is ok. 2.… Read More »

How to add an ethernet interface on Solaris Operating Syster?

Issue Description Q: How to add the new ethernet interface on Solaris Operating system? Alarm Information Null Handling Process A: There are some steps to do this configuration in the Solaris base system. Step 1:-Login to Operating system as a root user. Step 2:- Find the network interface by using the following command. bash-2.05$ more /etc/path_to_inst  | grep net “/pci@1f,700000/network@2″ 0 “bge” “/pci@1f,700000/network@2,1″ 1 “bge” “/pci@1e,600000/network@2″ 0 “ce” “/pci@1d,700000/network@2″ 2 “bge” “/pci@1d,700000/network@2,1″ 3 “bge” bash-2.05$ Suppose you want to configure the ce0 interface. #ifconfig ce0 plumb Step 3:- Set the ip address and subnet mask of the interface. #ifconfig ce0 inet  <ipaddress> netmask <subnet mask> Step 4:- make the interface up. #ifconfig ce0 up Step 5: Create/add the entry of ip address in the hostname file #vi /etc/hostname.ce0 Add the ip address of ce0 /etc/hostname.ce0 <ip address of ce0> Step 6:- Add the entry of ip address in the /etc/hosts file. #vi /etc/hosts Add the following line in the file. <ce0 ip address>    ce0 Step 7:- Add the entry of subnet mask in the /etc/netmask file. #vi /etc/netmask Add the following line in the file. <ce0 network>    <subnet mask> Step 8: Add the static route for the new interface network. Permanent route. -#cd /etc/rc2.d #vi Sstaticroute Add the following line in the file. #route add -net <ce0 network> <gatway IP address> Step 9:- Temporary route. #route add <ce0 network> <gatway IP address> Root… Read More »

If 5700 stack member fall out caused by A large number of MAC entries delete.

Issue Description When the issue happened, S5700 stack member cannot be accessed intermittently. Status information about this stack member cannot be obtained through commands and this fault cannot be automatically rectified. After powered off and restarted the stack member, the fault was disappeared. The command output showed that information about a stack member cannot be obtained.… Read More »

How much buffer we need on the VDSF board to convert VDSL2 frame?

Issue Description Q: The MA5606T should design some buffer for frame converting.Customer has asked us how much buffer we need on the VDSF board to accomplish this request. Alarm Information Null Handling Process A: that the upstream buffer is 2M bytes and the downstream is 16M bytes. Root Cause Null Suggestions Null

When cannot log-in MSUITE of U2000V1R3.

Issue Description After installation of U2000V1R3 in my laptop, the U2000 installation software would automatically create the U2000 Server, U2000 Client, U2000 system monitor as well as the U2000 MSuite function. During training, I was sucessful in log-in all the above application such as the U2000 Server, U2000 Client and U2000 Sytem monitor funtions. However,… Read More »