In the international market, Huawei released AR1220 router; while you might not know that in china market huawei have AR1220-S […]
huawei P7
Since May 2014, Zhu Ping officially took up the post of President of Huawei Consumer Business Group in China, and took whole […]
Some customer usually request for service board, ignore the interface board, after purchased, found can not deploy services. to avoid this, […]
When complete SNCP creation, the NE status became “Inconsistency”. 1.At first, we suspect the database is abnormal, it caused this […]
It was reported by the customer that the MSP switching Occurs b/w(NE ID:1923 and NE ID:1960) and clears automatically after […]
It need transparently transmit the LACP packet when MSTP device interconnect to DataCome or wireless. But mostly the LACP packet […]