Huawi OSN 3500
[Problem Description] Trigger conditions: A linear or ring MSP switching on STM-64 Boards is triggered by an SF event (R_LOS, […]
upgrade version on osn8800
Summary: NEs using software packages including the Huawei  OSN products like OptiX OSN 8800 T32 V100R007C00SPC100, V100R007C00SPC200, and V100R007C00SPC100 need […]
Abstract: The communication of the 485 communication module fails frequently. As a result, warm resets occur frequently on the cross-connect […]
[Problem Description] Trigger condition: The problem described in this pre-warning is occasionally triggered when the following conditions are all met: […]
Summary: The clock chips used on some TN55N02 and TN55TOX boards of  Huawei OSN product OptiX OSN 8800 NEs have design […]
Huawei OSN500
Summary: During the upgrade of an Optical transmission OSN 550 earlier than V100R007C10, if the NE has a TNH2EGT1 board, the SCC […]
Huawei transmission XCS board
Summary: If no intra-board cross-connection from the Optical transmission WDM side to the client side is configured for boards that […]
Huawei optix OSN9500
[Problem Description] Trigger condition: This problem occurs when: The higher order cross-connect board on the Huawei Optical transmission product OSN 9500 […]
Summary: The SDH(Huawei network product distributor) trail management window displays two trails with the same source or/and sink. A user […]
Huawei optix OSN 1500
[Problem Description] Trigger condition: The problem described in the pre-warning is triggered when the following four conditions are all met: […]