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Huawei Ascend Mate7 starts sale in China

Huawei formally launched its latest large-screen flagship smartphone Ascend Mate7, and Ascend P7 of sapphire version and Ascend G7 to the domestic market, the prices of Mate7 standard version and high-end version are 2999 yuan and 3699 yuan respectively.

Huawei Ascend Mate7

Huawei’s consumer BG CEO Richard Yu once declared in his blog, “Huawei has put extremely high R&D capital into Mate7, which is a top flagship smartphone with superior performance, user experience and sense of quality, it is also the best large screen smartphone by now, the value of which is definitely more than 830USD.”

The standard version of Huawei Mate7 is of two colors: silver and black, which has a 2G RAM and a 16G ROM, it has three standards of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, the pre-sale will start on September 22nd and formally on sale in September 28th.

The high-end version of Mate7 is of amber golden and adopts a combination of 3G RAM and 32G ROM, it is also equipped with the exclusive Huawei gold membership privilege services card, the value-added services include exclusive service hotline, a boot gift bag of Huawei mobile phone application market, free of charge to use a 160G online storage in 2 years, this phone was formally on sale in Huawei mall on September 12th.

Mate 7 is first launched in Berlin on September 4th, and drew much attention in the following IFA, it is regarded that Mate 7 will challenge Samsung in large-screen smartphone market. Richard Yu also revealed that, the launch of Mate 7 in between of Galaxy Note4 and iPhone 6 is a “contest” with Apple and Samsung, by providing the consumers with a comparison and choice.


Cations for the Cable of the OptiX OSN 8800 Fan Assembly Is Incorrectly Connected

Summary: Under certain circumstances, a batch of fan assemblies of the Huawei Optical transmission OptiX OSN 8800 T32 or T64 intelligent optical transport platform have a speed regulating problem in high temperature.

Huawei OSN 8800

[Problem Description]
When the version of the fan board is changed according to the requirement, the layout and cabling engineer modifies the slot of the fan board in the fan assembly from fan 1, fan 2, fan 3 to fan 2, fan 3, fan 1 (left-to-right). When regulating the speed of the Huawei OptiX OSN 8800 partition, if the high temperature alarm occurs in the third partition, the full speed command will be dispatched to the J7 terminal. However, the J7 terminal is connected to the fan of the second partition, which results in the board of the third partition is always in high temperature. Modify the speed of the fan in the second partition to a higher rate based on the policy of the adjacent speed modification. That is, the full speed command is dispatched to the J8 terminal. The J8 terminal is connected to the fan of the first partition. Consequently, the board of the third partition is always in the high temperature.

Figure 1 Cable connection

Cable connection


The NE reports a TEMP_OVER alarm. In the fan assembly, all fans are in full speed except the fan in the third partition.

Figure 2 Partition of a NE

Partition of a NE

Diagnosis Method
Step 1 Check whether a TEMP_OVER alarm is reported. If it is reported, go to the next step. If it is not reported, the fan assembly is not involved in this precaution notice and no further action is required.
Step 2 Query the manufacturer information of the fan assembly, and check whether the fan assembly is included in the delivery list (find the attachment). If it is included, the fan assembly is involved in this precaution notice. Otherwise, it is not involved.

[Root Cause]
In 2009, the version of the fan assembly is changed according to the requirement. The new version has no inheritance to the earlier version because the slot ID of the fan is changed. The manufacturer assembles the device according to the old figure for the assembly. As a result, the speed regulating of the fan assembly fails to be performed.

[Impact and Risk]
The NE reports a TEMP_OVER alarm, which has no impact on the device operation.

[Measures and Solutions]
Temporarily restoration
Manually run the full speed command to the fan assembly for maximum heat dissipation.
Change the cable order of the fan assembly according to the R&D operation guide. After that, the fan assembly can be used as a spare part.
Install the R4C04SPH870 hot patch that will be published in January 2014).