[Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The FPGA of a cross-connect board is faulty and in an incorrect state, so the FPGA […]
[Problem Description] Trigger conditions: This issue is triggered when operations are performed on the flash memories of the boards such […]
[Problem Description] If the Oracle M-series (M4000 or M5000) server is not in the Oracle’s maintenance warranty services, no service […]
[Background Information] TNH2SL1D, TNH2SP3D, and TNH2PL3T boards are developed based on OptiX OSN 550 V100R003 and are used on OptiX […]
OptiX OSN3500
Abstract: OptiX OSN 3500 type-III cabinets (BOM: 02113256) started to be manufactured and delivered by India Supply Center from September, […]
Optix osn8800
Summary: The TN55NPO2(E) board reports an OTU2_LOF alarm on corresponding channels because of large leakage current on the X5R capacitor of […]