root case
Abstract: Since the Generic Framing Procedure (GFP) for the N2EFT8/ N2EFT8A board strictly verifies the GFP frames from third-party huawei […]
[Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The RMS is in the switchover state, and the status of the Huawei optical fiber in […]
Summary: The software watchdog on the system control board of OSN Products an NE is occasionally reset when ASON gold […]
Huawei SSN1GSCC Board
Summary: The ASON network is unstable. Fiber cut frequently occurs and ASON services are rerouted constantly. In this case, the […]
Problem Description Trigger condition: 1. SSN1EAS2 boards use FPGA 110. 2. Cross-connect boards in slot 10 are active cross-connect boards. […]
Summary: The delivery and maintenance of NMS products face many challenges, and NMSs run in a complex environment. NMS versions […]