OptiX OSN 3500
Summary: When an SSN3PSXCSA (Ver.B) board is used to replace another cross-connect board, after the SSN3PSXCSA (Ver.B) board is inserted […]
Board Manufacturer Information Report.
Summary: A 10G OTU board reports an OTU2_LOF alarm at a low probability on the Huawei WDM side during the […]
Summary: When fibers on boards that use the HXFP8240, HXFP8440, or HXFP8441 pluggable module on dwdm huawei boards are being […]
【Problem Summary】”3G service not pass in STM-1 by LAG_Ticket 【Problem Details】Product Information: OptiX OSN 3500 Version Information: V1R8 SR Severity: […]
One day, x operator report that they use ethernet tester to test an EPL service between OSN3500 and OSN500 and set MAC in loop, they just get 10M bandwidth when bind 2 VC3 OSN3500     N2EFS4 OSN 500     EFT8 none Because the chip of EFT8 board has limition 1,Because OSN500 use SD579 and BCM5248 chip to realize ethernet service transimit function. 2,When BCM5248 chip has not finished negotiation, such as not connct lan cable, lan cable is cut off, or the SMI path which connect PHY and MAC chip, it will work at 10M mode defaultly 3,The working mode of SD579 chip will select the value of PHY chip. 4,when SD579 set MAC in-loop, software will cut off SMI path, this time PHY chip will work at 10M, so MAC will work at 10M. Customer test using MAC inloop, the chip will work at 10M mode defaultly, so customer can only get 10M bandwidth. N/AAsk customer to change the test method, use tester to loop or create two EPL service to use lan cable to loop, the bandwith is ok The EFT8 board of Huawei optix OSN500 has limition, so don’t use MAC in-loop to test the bandwith
Summary: Due to incorrect uploading of image files, the ID of an SSN4SL64 board of Ver.C fails to be recognized […]
Summary: When the TN52SCC board is used on OptiX OSN 6800, the power module of the TN11PIU board interferes with […]
Summary: When the TN11SCC board is in V100R004C01 or an earlier version, the lifecycle of the CF card on the board […]
Huawei OptiX OSN 1800
Summary: The wavelength information of the huawei dwdm TNF1X40 board is not verified at the equipment manufacturing and assembly stage. […]
Problem: no operation do, but all the board of osn3500 become grey. service is ok. version: OSN3500 V100R009C04SPC200 the possible […]