1. 10G services on OSN 8800 layer interrupted 2. Three 10 G Services impacted for than 20 seconds. 1. The […]
Summary: Metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistors in a lot used on TN51XCS boards intended for the Huawei OptiX OSN 8800 have […]
Abstract: When the license module processes interchange messages for hot standby between the working and protection main control boards, commissioning […]
Query performance of tributary board on OSN 500,there has E1 performance in T1 service: :per-get-curdata:9,1,0,1,perall,15m;                                          PER_GET_CURDATA                                                BID   PERIOD  STARTTIME                      EID                   OPPORT  […]
The networking is as follows: Station A and station B are configured with the LWX2 and the DMD2S. Each SCC […]
Summary: When only one SCC board is configured for OptiX OSN 6800, there is a low probability that the fan […]