Keywords: MA5616, H831CCUC, JDSU (optical module vendor), GE optical module, GE optical port cascading, cascading failure Summary: An MA5616 equipped with […]
Abstract: In MxU V800R306C01, V800R307C00, and V800R307C01, the MxU control board fails after the following operations are performed: Product Line: Access […]
Constraint: l This recovery guide is applicable to V200R011C03SPC200, V200R012C00, and V200R012C01 only. 1 Identifying the Problem 1.1 Querying the Database […]
What’s the IGMP Framework on the Device Distributed IGMP [OLT] Figure 1 Distributed protocol model R represents the router functions […]
During a lab test for the SmartAX MA5616 V800R307C02, a service interruption has occurred due to an exception of the logic. The root cause, however, is not yet identified after more than three months of efforts to reproduce the issue in the lab. This prewarning notice describes how to identify this issue and restore the service. Product Line: Access network     Product Model: MA5616  Problem Description Trigger conditions Use a SmartAX MA5616 V800R307C02 that is in full configuration of service boards in the test. Create a service port on each VDSL port, set up a point-to-point over Ethernet (PPPoE) connection on each service port, and send the packets. Import the configuration file to the device and activate the file multiple times, and then reset the system. Enable and disable the security function multiple times and then perform dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) dialup and PPPoE dialup multiple times. Symptom […]
H801SCUN is a control board for the MA5600T and uses the BCM56820 LAN switch chip. After the hardware of the BCM56820 LAN switch chip is upgraded (that is, the BCM56820 LAN switch chip of a new hardware version is used), the software of the H801SCUN board needs to be changed accordingly. It is learnt that from Mar. 2010, the H801SCUN board to be delivered will use the LAN switch chip of Ver.B. In this case, if the software version of the H801SCUN board is earlier than V800R006C02SPC110, the H801SCUN board will fail to start. Sub-product line: Access                     Product: MA5600T   Problem Description Trigger condition:  In terms of the H801SCUN board (the LAN switch chip used is of Ver.B) to be delivered from Mar. 2010, 1. If you downgrade the H801SCUN board to a version earlier than V800R006C02SPC110, the H801SCUN board will fail to start. 2. If you delete the patch of V800R006C02SPC110, the H801SCUN board fails to start. Problem phenomena:  When the H801SCUN board fails to start, the following information is displayed: Transferring control to the loaded program…OK! Starting system application init……successfully! […]
1 Abundant Port Types The Huawei MA5600 provides various network ports, service ports, and maintenance ports to meet different networking requirements. Table […]
Home broadband router is a router that user number is relatively small, such as the 4LAN port router, which can supply 4 computer. To buy a home broadband router, first of all, you should need […]