Issue Description Q:How to enable the operation of log forwarding server on the U2000 . Alarm Information N/A Handling Process […]
Keywords: OLT, MA5680T ,MA5683T, Access network Summary: GEM ports are added in xPON distributed mode but they are not bound to […]
Issue Description Q: What is the calculation method for load balancing of the upstream aggregation ports of the 5680T? Alarm Information Null Handling Process A: In the egress-ingress mode: The XOR operation is performed for the lowest three bits of the source MAC (SMAC) and the destination MAC (DMAC). A residual is obtained by dividing the XOR result by the number of aggregation ports. The residual value indicates the egress ID. Example: SMAC: 0000-1111-aabb, binary numeral corresponding to the lower 1 byte bb: 10111011, lower 3 bits: 011 DMAC: 0000-1111-ccdd, binary numeral corresponding to the lower 1 byte dd: 11011101, lower 3 bits: 101 Two aggregation ports exist. […]
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