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When compatible stp mode in S5700 Huawei switch with pvst in cisco switches?

Issue Description

Problem: What’s the compatible stp mode in Huawei switches with pvst in Cisco switches

Product name: S5700

Software version: Quidway S5700 V200R003C00SPC300

Network topology:



Configuration: Configure spanning tree protocol mode in S5700 Huawei switch to be

compatible with pvst mode in Cisco switch



As the default stp(Spanning tree protocol) mode in Cisco switches is pvst and the stp mode

in Huawei switches is stp, when we connect Cisco switches with Huawei switches there’s a

miscompatiblity happened and looping will occured in the network so that to avoid this loop

we need to configure Huawei switches to work in vbst mode, this mode for Huawei switches

is compatible with pvst mode in Cisco


<Huawei> system-view

[Huawei] stp mode vbst