Abnormal performance record in tributary board of ONS500

Query performance of tributary board on OSN 500,there has E1 performance in T1 service: 

  BID   PERIOD  STARTTIME                      EID                   OPPORT  CHAN          VALUE      
  9     15m     1990-01-03 01:45:00+08:00      t1_les_sdh            1       1             214        
  9     15m     1990-01-03 01:45:00+08:00      t1_lses_sdh           1       1             214        
  9     15m     1990-01-03 01:45:00+08:00      e1_les_sdh            1       1             214   //E1 performance    
  9     15m     1990-01-03 01:45:00+08:00      e1_lses_sdh           1       1             214   //E1 performance 

The soft has bug,both performance of T1 and E1 in the performance record when query performance. 

Issues related to its prior version Huawei MSTP OSN500V100R002C01SPH307 all versions. and Solve its later version is V100R002C01SPC309 

when there is an abnormality of the T1 service, check tributary board performance. and found the performance of both T1 and E1. Then check the board software, there has defective in performance records. Modified the relevant code of this version and verification, it can solve this abnormal performance records.

About the Huawei SDH equipment Version which has this problem, if there has only T1 configuration, ignore E1 performance, if there has only E1 configuration, ignore T1 performance.