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How to delete interface configuration using one command?

Issue Description none Alarm Information none Handling Process <Quidway> system-view [Quidway] interface gigabitethernet 0/0/1 [Quidway-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] display this # interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1 port hybrid pvid vlan 50 port hybrid tagged vlan 50 loopback-detect enable port-security enable port-security aging-time 30 # return [Quidway-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] quit [Quidway] clear configuration interface gigabitethernet 0/0/1 Warning: All configurations of the interface will be… Read More »

How to Prevent a License Defect Flash Exhaustion on the Main Control Board

Abstract: When the license module processes interchange messages for hot standby between the working and protection main control boards, commissioning information will accumulate to the flash and finally exhaust the flash space. As a result, configuration data fails to be saved and database backup fails. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: Two main control boards are configured… Read More »

Cautions for Recurring K Byte Caused by Optical Path Jitter of the RMS of the NG-SDH Product

[Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The RMS is in the switchover state, and the status of the Huawei optical fiber in the switchover section jitters. The MSprotocol repetitively switches between the state of waiting for recovery and the switchover state. As a result, the Kbyte in the loop recurs. Fault symptom: Scenario 1: The services that… Read More »

Precaution on Service Password Restoring the Fault of Oracle M-series Server

[Problem Description] If the Oracle M-series (M4000 or M5000) server is not in the Oracle’s maintenance warranty services, no service password is provided. Without the service password, the service cannot be restored if the servers have the following faults: 1. For Oracle M-series server such as M4000 or M5000, if the hardware status is faulty… Read More »

Notice for the OSN 2500 Tunnel Services Loss problem

[Problem Description] Trigger condition: Scenario 1: If a large number of ASON tunnels are rerouted, reverted, or optimized and the system control board is busy, there is a low probability that lower order services in the tunnels are lost on Huawei OSN product. Such as OptiX OSN 1500/2500/3500/7500. Scenario 2: If algorithm rollback occurs when… Read More »

Cautions for Version Upgrade on Optix OSN 8800

Summary: NEs using software packages including the Huawei  OSN products like OptiX OSN 8800 T32 V100R007C00SPC100, V100R007C00SPC200, and V100R007C00SPC100 need to be upgrade to the related GA versions or maintenance versions. Precautions need to be taken during the version upgrade. [Problem Description] On the live network, NEs using software packages including the OptiX OSN 8800 T32… Read More »

Notice for Abnormal Service Interruption on OSN 9500

[Problem Description] Trigger condition: This problem occurs when: The higher order cross-connect board on the Huawei Optical transmission product OSN 9500 NE uses software of the problematic version. Perform service addition/deletion, SNCP switching, MSP switching, and ASON rerouting operations twice or several times within 5 minutes. Symptoms: Symptoms may vary depending on the specific operations that… Read More »

Cautions for Service Configuration Failure on OSN 9500

[Problem Description] Trigger conditions: Two lower order cross-connection protection groups are configured on an OptiX OSN 9500. If any of the following operations is performed, the problem occurs. 1. Configure lower order services, or convert ordinary lower order services to lower order SNCP. 2. Run commands or perform operations on the NMS to adjust concatenated… Read More »