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How to add an ethernet interface on Solaris Operating Syster?

Issue Description Q: How to add the new ethernet interface on Solaris Operating system? Alarm Information Null Handling Process A: There are some steps to do this configuration in the Solaris base system. Step 1:-Login to Operating system as a root user. Step 2:- Find the network interface by using the following command. bash-2.05$ more /etc/path_to_inst  | grep net “/pci@1f,700000/network@2″ 0 “bge” “/pci@1f,700000/network@2,1″ 1 “bge” “/pci@1e,600000/network@2″ 0 “ce” “/pci@1d,700000/network@2″ 2 “bge” “/pci@1d,700000/network@2,1″ 3 “bge” bash-2.05$ Suppose you want to configure the ce0 interface. #ifconfig ce0 plumb Step 3:- Set the ip address and subnet mask of the interface. #ifconfig ce0 inet  <ipaddress> netmask <subnet mask> Step 4:- make the interface up. #ifconfig ce0 up Step 5: Create/add the entry of ip address in the hostname file #vi /etc/hostname.ce0 Add the ip address of ce0 /etc/hostname.ce0 <ip address of ce0> Step 6:- Add the entry of ip address in the /etc/hosts file. #vi /etc/hosts Add the following line in the file. <ce0 ip address>    ce0 Step 7:- Add the entry of subnet mask in the /etc/netmask file. #vi /etc/netmask Add the following line in the file. <ce0 network>    <subnet mask> Step 8: Add the static route for the new interface network. Permanent route. -#cd /etc/rc2.d #vi Sstaticroute Add the following line in the file. #route add -net <ce0 network> <gatway IP address> Step 9:- Temporary route. #route add <ce0 network> <gatway IP address> Root… Read More »


When cannot log-in MSUITE of U2000V1R3.

Issue Description After installation of U2000V1R3 in my laptop, the U2000 installation software would automatically create the U2000 Server, U2000 Client, U2000 system monitor as well as the U2000 MSuite function. During training, I was sucessful in log-in all the above application such as the U2000 Server, U2000 Client and U2000 Sytem monitor funtions. However,… Read More »

How many Remote frame ( RSU with HABD ) can UA5000-PVM board support?

Issue Description Q: In a Customer meeting customer ask about us how many  RT (remote frame RSU_HABD) we can add to COT( PVMB_HABD). Alarm Information Failure: Resource of HW error Handling Process A: We have to confirm the limitation of the Remote frame ( RSU with HABD frame) per PVM board ( Main HABD with PVMB). We check the document,no related information found then we try to add the frame manually in the system. We can add the 32 remote frame successfully but when adding the next frame ie.33 it prompt one error message that HW-resource error. After doing the above operation we came to know that PVMB supports on 32 remote frames. Root Cause We have to confirm the value of the Remote frame ( RSU with HABD frame) we try to search the same in support site and document but it was not present there. Then we try to check it in the system because we have to confirm the value ASAP. Suggestions PVMB ( PVMB with master frame HABD)supports on 32 Remote frame ( RSU with HABD Frame).

Does the UA5000 MSAN support Radius accounting?

Issue Description Q : Does the UA5000 (MSAN)  support Radius accounting) . version V100R013 Alarm Information Null Handling Process A: UA5000 V100R013 doesn’t support accounting function. and the R&D confirmed that UA5000 doesn’t support accounting even in the most recently version which is UA5000 V100R019C05 so until now there is no version support that function(more information you… Read More »

Comunication failure between the GSCC and EOW Gateway NE

Issue Description The gateway equipment and affiliated lost management because the communication between the GSCC and EOW boards had problems. Vesionn Software: P01. Version GSCC: N3GSCC02 Alarm Information – NET_COMMUN_FAIL – NET_COMMUN_BRAKE – NE_NOT_LOGIN Handling Process 1. DCC channel is reviewed gateway NE are configured, 2. DCC channels are reviewed equipments affiliatted to the gateway and are… Read More »