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What’s the alarm on the OptiX OSN 1800II board restarts after power-off

Summary: When the OptiX OSN 1800II device restarts after power-off, the SCC board reports the HARD_BAD and MOD_COM_FAIL alarms and the HARD_BAD and MOD_COM_FAIL alarms persist. Product Family: WDM     Product Model: OptiX OSN 1800II [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: This problem occasionally occurs (about a 1% probability) when OptiX OSN 1800II devices using V100R005C10SPC100 or earlier versions restart… Read More »

Cautions for Drive Failure on the SSX2T2TM Module

Summary: A 10G OTU board reports an OTU2_LOF alarm at a low probability on the Huawei WDM side during the running. When this alarm is reported, services are interrupted and the alarm persists. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: This problem has no external trigger conditions, and occurs at a 1% probability during normal running. Symptom: An… Read More »

Watch out Wavelength Information of the TNF1X40 on the OSN 1800

Summary: The wavelength information of the huawei dwdm TNF1X40 board is not verified at the equipment manufacturing and assembly stage. As a result, wavelength information at some ports of the board is not recorded. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: Wavelength informaion is not properly displayed when the wavelength information of the TNF1X40 board is queried. Symptom:… Read More »

Pay attention to TN51XCS Boards MOS Transistors

Summary: Metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistors in a lot used on TN51XCS boards intended for the Huawei OptiX OSN 8800 have a defect. Because of the defect, the noise introduced by the 12 V power supply on the TN51XCS board is out of range and interferes the signals transmitted over the adjacent high-speed buses. This interference… Read More »

Reasons for logical abnormality and Fail restoration of TN serises DWDM board

Summary: When a warm reset is performed on a TN52XCH, TN52XCM, TNK2XCT, or TNK2SXM board that has not booted, the board becomes logically abnormal and cannot be restored to normal. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: For a TN52XCH, TN52XCM, TNK2XCT, or TNK2SXM board, when the physical board is installed but no logical board is configured or… Read More »

Cautions for a Protection Switching Failure on the DCP and OLP Board On OSN8800

Summary: Due to the time sequence controlling problem of the latch chip, a random output level status occurs when the board is powered on, which results in the burning of the triode chip on the board, and leads to the abnormal switching between the working and protection channels of the board. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions:… Read More »

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