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Be care for SS49SCB Boards DIP Switch on Certain Sets in the Installation State Problem

Abstract: After certain sets of huawei transmission equipment OptiX Metro 1000 V3 (SS49SCB VER.B) restart upon power failure, the SW1,SW2 DIP switch of the NE is in the installation state. As a result, the NE configuration is missing, and the services are interrupted. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The OptiX Metro 1000 V3 (SS49SCB board) restarts… Read More »


Have You Ever Met Service Interruption of ET1 Board on Metro 1000V3 upon Power-off Reset

Abstract After the network connectivity element (NE) is powered off, the tag of the VCTRUNK port on the ET1 board is lost. As a result, data services are interrupted. Trigger conditions The tag of the VCTRUNK port on the ET1 board is modified, and then the NE is powered off. Fault symptoms After the NE… Read More »

Be careful SS49EFS Interrupt your Metro1000 service

[Problem Description] Trigger conditions: An NE is powered cycled, and the SS49EFS board is cold reset. Fault symptoms: An OptiX Metro 1000 NE is interconnected with a third-party SDH device using SS49EFS boards. The alarms such as LP_TIM_VC12 and LP_SLM_VC12 are reported on the SS49EFS boards on the OptiX Metro 1000 NE. Consequently, the services… Read More »