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when Ring MSP Configuration Failures on SSN1SLQ16 Boards on OSN 3500 Products

Keywords: SSN1SLQ16, MSTP, OptiX OSN 3500 [Problem Description] Trigger condition: 1. The version of an OSN 3500 NE is one of the versions listed in Versions Involved in the preceding table. 2. The logical board is SSN1SLQ16. 3. Configuration data is downloaded from the network management system (NMS), or ports are deleted and then added. Symptom: l During the configuration of the multiplex section… Read More »

Wrong files selection —-Failed to upgrade a N3SL16 board

“Dear, I want to update our N3SL16 board of OSN3500, but always failed due to wrong files selection. How can i solve the problem?”——Anna Kahama The SL16 board is a 1xSTM-16 optical interface board with Part Number 03030LNH and Compatibility of Metro3000. When we insert a new SL16 boards in a OSN3500 that have a V200R012C01SPC100 version. We need to upgrade the… Read More »