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When cannot log-in MSUITE of U2000V1R3.

Issue Description After installation of U2000V1R3 in my laptop, the U2000 installation software would automatically create the U2000 Server, U2000 Client, U2000 system monitor as well as the U2000 MSuite function. During training, I was sucessful in log-in all the above application such as the U2000 Server, U2000 Client and U2000 Sytem monitor funtions. However,… Read More »


Does the UA5000 MSAN support Radius accounting?

Issue Description Q : Does the UA5000 (MSAN)  support Radius accounting) . version V100R013 Alarm Information Null Handling Process A: UA5000 V100R013 doesn’t support accounting function. and the R&D confirmed that UA5000 doesn’t support accounting even in the most recently version which is UA5000 V100R019C05 so until now there is no version support that function(more information you… Read More »

Notice on Rectification for SDH Trail Interruption on the U2000

Summary: The SDH(Huawei network product distributor) trail management window displays two trails with the same source or/and sink. A user regards one of them as a duplicate or useless service and deactivates it, which causes interruption of unrelated trails. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: SDH trail search is performed on one client while SDH trail creation… Read More »

NESOFT_MM Troubleshooting

GSCC is a system control and communication board with part number 03020DCM. The GSCC is available in 4 functional versions: N1GSCC,  N3GSCC, N4GSCC, N6GSCC. The functions provided by the functional versions are different. A new GSCC board insert into OSN 3500 at 17# slot, NESOFT_MM alarm reported when main-standby backup finished. :alm-get-curdata-ext:0,0,0  200026      NESOFT_MM    start       2013-12-29 13:17:15+02:00      None         board=18;02 00 03 08 ff;   1.     According to the alarm, the… Read More »

Do you know when reporting the error to activate basic bios ?

NE cross version is much lower than the host version,so the software needs to be upgraded of cross. Host version: Cross version information:     Software Version: 1.17 ;     BIOS Version: 2.13 Upgrade instructions in accordance with the requirements, the board must first uppgrade basic bios. But after loading the finished basic bios software, issued… Read More »

What you’ll do when NESF_LOST displayed after a software Upgrade?

Sometime after a software Upgrade from V1R8C02SPC200 to V1R10C03SPC203 one OSN3500 with two GSCC boards displayed the alarm NESF_LOST. NESF_LOST was reported in the standby GSCC board. NESF_LOST inform us that there are missing software files in the GSCC board. According to the alarm parameters it is possible to know which files are missing It was necessary to find out why some… Read More »

Newly configured service having TU_AIS alarm on it and gets down

The OptiX OSN3500 incorporates an intelligent optical transmission platform and core optical transmission system to schedule and transmit services of different types and granularities. Combined with other Huawei equipment, the OptiX OSN3500 supports various networking applications, such as pure packet mode, hybrid networking (packet and TDM mode overlay networking), and pure TDM mode. Product: OSN 3500 Version: Newly… Read More »

Have you ever headache with SL64 board COMMUN_FAIL alarm appear and board soft reset?

SL64 is a STM-64 Optical Interface Board, The SL64 is available in the following functional versions: N4, N2 and N1.The SSN2SL64(Ls-64.2,LC) is discontinued. The functions provided by the functional versions are different.   In OSN 3500 running with version V100R008C02 On SL64 alarm appear COMMU_FAIL and after runnig the command “errlog” (To check if the GSCC reset… Read More »

Do you ever meet the problem—tunnel service down in your network MSTP+

on OSN3500/7500 MSTP+ V200R012C01SPC100 service for tunnel suddenly got MPLS_TUNNEL_BDI/MPLS_TUNNEL_FDI alarm, before was all fine, no fiber cut or other board problem/faulty alarm. 1. Please check arp table either via navigator :ethn-cfg-get-arptable:all or via U2000 NE explorer-packet configuration-control plane – address parse on both sides 2. if no mac address, probably that’s causes service down,… Read More »