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Rectification Notice of Faulty MOS Transistors on TN51XCS Boards

Summary: Metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistors in a lot used on TN51XCS boards intended for the Huawei OptiX OSN 8800 have a defect. Because of the defect, the noise introduced by the 12 V power supply on the TN51XCS board is out of range and interferes the signals transmitted over the adjacent high-speed buses. This interference… Read More »


Be aware of SSN3PSXCSA replace Cross-connect Board on OptiX OSN 3500

Summary: When an SSN3PSXCSA (Ver.B) board is used to replace another cross-connect board, after the SSN3PSXCSA (Ver.B) board is inserted into the subrack, the state of the original active cross-connect board is abnormal and NE services are interrupted. After about 40s, the state of the original active board is back to normal and services recover.… Read More »

Be ware of Warm Reset of the System Control Board on OptiX OSN Equipment

Summary: The ASON network is unstable. Fiber cut frequently occurs and ASON services are rerouted constantly. In this case, the system control board of an NE is prone to be reset when network resources are insufficient or residual cross connections exist. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The problem is triggered if the following conditions are met:… Read More »

Cautions for Bits Error Problem of SSN2PQ1-B3 Boards on the NG-SDH Product

Summary: For SSN2PQ1-B3 boards whose PCBs are manufactured by Fastprint, service bits errors occur when they are working with SSN1GXCSA/SSN1EXCSA/SSN1UXCSA/SSR2CXL cross-connect boards. [Problem Description]Fault symptoms: Service bits errors occur after the board is powered on. Trigger conditions:SSN2PQ1-B3 boards in Ver.A that are delivered on 2013-03-01 to 2013-07-31. Determine the faulty board based on the part… Read More »

Be ware of Unnecessary ActiveStandby SCC Switching on OSN 3500&7500

Abstract Because 3.3 voltage detecting circuits of SSN1GSCC02 and SSN3GSCC02 boards are of low precision, unnecessary active/standby SCC switching occurs, resulting in a possibility that NEs are unreachable to the NMS. If the ASON feature is enabled on NEs, data configuration may be lost during the active/standby SCC switching. [Problem Description] If the following conditions… Read More »

Beware of BD_STATUS Alarms by Cross-Connect Boards of OptiX OSN 3500

Summary: Creep occurs on SD585 soldered balls of some cross-connect boards on  Huawei transmission OptiX OSN 3500 equipment so these boards repeatedly reset, fail to work, and report BD_STATUS alarms. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: There is a possibility that this problem occurs as a result of long-term exposure of the boards involved to high temperature. Symptom:… Read More »

Notice of Warm Resets on Cross-Connect Board on your NG-SDH

Abstract: The communication of the 485 communication module fails frequently. As a result, warm resets occur frequently on the cross-connect board on optical transmission NG-SDH  equipment. In this case, service interruption may be caused. Trigger Condition: The 485 communication module on the board is faulty. Problem Phenomena: 1. The boards on the NE report the COMMUN_FAIL… Read More »

Beware of Using a Single Cross-connect Board for OSN 7500

[Problem Description] Trigger condition: The problem described in this pre-warning is occasionally triggered when the following conditions are all met: 1. More than 16 processing boards are used on an NE. 2. Only one cross-connect board is powered on. Problem Description The NE reports a COMMUN_FAIL alarm, or MSP switching fails. Identification Methods: Check the… Read More »

Notice on Orderwire Interruptions in GSCC Boards of OSN3500 and OSN7500

Abstract: Few SSN1GSCC02 and SSN3GSCC02 boards have degraded clock signals due to the critical-state quality of clock signals on the orderwire chip SPI and individual variances among boards (for example, in PCB layout and build-out resistor precision). There is a low possibility that these boards experience warm resets. If this occurred on an active SSN1GSCC02… Read More »

Cautions on the Flash Memory Failure in DWDM Products

Summary: Because of defective incoming materials, the Spansion Flash memory units provided in a specific lot cannot erase Flash memory data. Huawei transmission boards equipped with these Flash memory units occasionally encounter a software uploading failure, patch upgrade failure, or log recording failure; or the boards sometimes reset unexpectedly or fail to boot from a reset.… Read More »