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Pay attention to Optical Power Reporting of Modules in WDM Products

Summary: When fibers on boards that use the HXFP8240, HXFP8440, or HXFP8441 pluggable module on dwdm huawei boards are being removed or inserted, the reported optical power at the receive end is sometimes lower than the actual optical power. [Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The problem occasionally occurs when customer fibers are removed and re-inserted. Symptom:… Read More »


Pay Attention to the Interruption of SNCP Service on OSN 9500

Symptom: When the protection path of the ASON diamond SNCP service is interrupted on huawei transmission equipment OSN 9500, the service is interrupted. Identification method: 1. When the protection path of the ASON SNCP service is interrupted, the service is interrupted. 2. The ASON SNCP service is upgraded from a static SNCP service. [Root Cause] This… Read More »

Technical Case: Optical Network

Abstract: This case is face to the emergency situation of Optical Network include Huawei WDM ,NG-SDH, networks and T2000 Double system structure, provides emergency measures for accidents such as running abnormally in T2000, NG-SDH and WDM to guide the maintenance engineers to restore system as soon as possible.. 1 OBJECTIVE Optical network emergency solution is… Read More »

Notice of iManager U2000/N2000 BMS/T2000 Version Incorporation

Summary: The delivery and maintenance of NMS products face many challenges, and NMSs run in a complex environment. NMS versions need to be incorporated to eliminate NMS running risks, prevent major accidents, improve customer experience, and enhance customer satisfaction. [Problem Description] The U2000 V100R002C01, U2000 V100R003C00, U2000 V100R005C00, N2000 BMS V200R012C03, N2000 BMS V200R012C05, T2000… Read More »

Pay Attention to Service Interruption on FPGAs Cross-Connect Boards

[Problem Description] Trigger conditions: The FPGA of a cross-connect board is faulty and in an incorrect state, so the FPGA falsely checks the status of the service board and triggers MSP switching with an abnormal state, resulting in service interruption. Symptom: MSP switching occurs, services are interrupted, and the faulty cross-connect board is reset or… Read More »

Pay attention to Alarms Reported on Some Boards for OptiX Metro 6100 and OptiX BWS 1600G

[Problem Description] Trigger conditions: This issue is triggered when operations are performed on the flash memories of the boards such as the C9ELOG board intended for OptiX Metro 6100 or OptiX BWS 1600G. The operations include writing logs and saving configurations. Symptom: During the running of the OptiX Metro 6100 or OptiX BWS 1600G, a… Read More »

Do you know OTN ODUk Shared Protection Ring

Network survivability reflects the network in case of failure, Able to maintain the service capability, the survival mechanisms of the network, topology, available resources, coordination mechanisms for survivability has a significant impact. In terms of the transport network, SDH  survivability as one of the most distinctive part, to lay the basis of SDH transmission technology… Read More »

FEC Analysis and Application

1.1 Abstract By adding parity bits during transmitter coding, the Forward Error Correction (FEC) technology enables the receiver to correct bit errors in the bit stream by calculating the parity bits. According to the latest ITU-T Recommendations G.709 and G.975, the STM-16 transmission rate or higher rates are now used in the FED technology to… Read More »

Technical Issues for 40G DWDM

Technical issues for 40G transport such as sensitivity, chromatic dispersion(CD) and polarization dispersion(PD) have been solved, enabling commercial deployment of 40G technology.  Most of the technical challenges associated with 40G DWDM are already widely understood, as challenges from the 10G world taken to more demanding levels. In some cases, the tighter tolerances associated with driving… Read More »