Cautions for Bits Error Problem of SSN2PQ1-B3 Boards on the NG-SDH Product

By | October 27, 2014

Summary: For SSN2PQ1-B3 boards whose PCBs are manufactured by Fastprint, service bits errors occur when they are working with SSN1GXCSA/SSN1EXCSA/SSN1UXCSA/SSR2CXL cross-connect boards.

[Problem Description]Fault symptoms: Service bits errors occur after the board is powered on. Trigger conditions:SSN2PQ1-B3 boards in Ver.A that are delivered on 2013-03-01 to 2013-07-31. Determine the faulty board based on the part number of the board in the delivery list. Identification method: Check whether the manufacture of the board is SSN2PQ1A03/SSN2PQ1B03 or check whether the silk screen of the PCB is SSN3PQ1. Then check the part number of the board to determine whether the board is in the delivery list. See the attachment for the delivery list. indentification method [Root Cause]

The LOCAL BUS generates a crosstalk to the LVDS bus on the receiving side of the SSN2PQ1-B3 system. The crosstalk becomes even serious when the PCB manufactured by Fastprint works with cross-connect chips with weak driving capability. Therefore, bits errors occur.

[Impact and Risks]

Service bits errors persist after the board is powered on.

[Measures and Solutions]

Workaround: None

Recovery measures: None

Solution: Replace the faulty boards with new boards with the batch rectification application. The boards codes are 03021SJB and 03021SJC.

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