Continued story-Disclosure of enmity between Huawei and Cisco in the past ten years-Serial1

It is not a news that Huawei VS. Cisco, but today will tell it again, from our point of view. we will continue publish it in the following weeks.


In fact, the emotionally unpleasant between Cisco and Huawei is far more than the chasing fight in business. Even more this kind of fiery but puzzling opposition has evolved into an intense and sensitive battlefield between foreign investing brand and national brand.

Ten years of feuds and resentment

From the American congress investigation to the disclosure of prism door by snowdon, and furthermore, to the event of American National Security Bureau invaded the core server of Huawei and monitor Huawei founder Renzhengfei two months before. Over and over again, American’s provocative acts gave rise to indignation and condemn both in speech and writing by Chinese public consensus collectivity. And every time, the objects of crusade will always have a common name, that is , Cisco.

This biggest network devices provider worldwide is identified as backstage pushing hand that framed Huawei time and time again; and provoked the indigation and anger of Chinese consensus and authority and even evolved into staggering movements of boycott of Cisco, which made Cisco caught in unprecedented dropping situation.

While medias even express their feelings by using the ‘analyzing the backstage role of Cisco in Huawei issue by political contribution’. And the staff of Cisco and Huawei are regard the opposite side as opponent, one satirize another ‘hillbilly’, while the other side fight back by using the word ‘comprador’; although some of them once were classmates of colleagues.

Every time, whenever there’s a dispute on information and technology between America and China, Cisco is inevitably criticized as the pushing hand, whereas Huawei is the figure of victim. However, when talking about each other, the top leadership will invariably use the word’ respect’, the official tune with great care carried some true feelings in it.

Yes, Cisco and Huawei have offended early in years ago. In the early 2003, a lawsuit case about intellectual property has made the two enterprises keep the hostility ten years. At the end of January of 2003, Cisco prosecuted Huawei and Huawei branch office in America, and ask that Huawei stop violating intellectual property of Cisco.

But Just one month ago, Cisco CEO Chambers flied to Hangzhou, and negotiated with Huawei CEO Ren zhengfei about the problem of intellectual property. The ending was not bloody, both sides were didn’t offended the other side openly at swords point. And ten months later, they were reached initial settlement agreement, Huawei withdrawn controversial products from America, and finally, in the next year july , they unpredictably concluded final settlement agreement.

With no doubt, compromise id a result of rational judgement. At that time, Huawei just entered into the market of router and interchanger, domestic popular view is that Cisco has seen the sharpness of Huawei, and worried about its standing up so meant to stop its road by using law, while American’s view is that the different understanding of intellectual property caused the disputes of law.


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