FAQ:Continious reset of GSCC and monitoring loss due to software bug

Some of our clients are bored with the continious reset of GSCC and monitoring loss . For this, our technical experts have gave a solution:

GSCC is a system control and communication board with part number 03020DCM. The GSCC is available in 4 functional versions: N1GSCC,  N3GSCC, N4GSCC, N6GSCC. The functions provided by the functional versions are different.

Every several days OSN3500 disconnected from U2000. It was a gateway GNE so together with it disconnected all other NEs that were monitored through this NE. GSCC board reported COMMUN_FAIL alarm.First of all we made warm reset on both GSCC and monitoring recovered. But several days later the situation repeated. But COMMUN_FAIL alarm appeared on another GSCC board. To be sure customer changed both GSCC with other ones from spare parts. But several days later the situation repeated again. Then we installed recommended patch V2R11C00SPC300+V2R11C00SPH305 and after that the problem hasn’t appeared for more than a year.This is a software bug. When NE is fully configured with all slots the quantity of requests that service boards send to GSCC reaches the threshold and GSCC starts to reset. In the new software this threshold is higher so NE can handle the full configuration without loss of monitoring.Temporary solution – warm reset of active and standby GSCC boards. Final solution – install patch V12R11C00SPH305.If GSCC continiously resets and NE loses monitoring then refer to this case.

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