AR Router

How does AR1220 as core node configure aggressive IPsec

AR1220 as core node whose ike peer did not configure remote-address cannot add ipsec policy, How does AR1220 configure aggressive IPsec at the moment?

AR1220 as core node whose ike peer did not configure remote-address,it will report as follows when add ike peer in ipsec policy.
[huawei-ipsec-policy-isakmp-abc-1]ike-peer abc
error: no remote address configured for the ike peer.

But embranchment node address is not fixed,can associate name only, cannot associate address, it can be configured as follows:

ike local-name abc

ike proposal 1

ike peer abc v1
exchange-mode aggressive
pre-shared-key 123456
ike-proposal 1

ipsec proposal ipsec_pro

ipsec policy-template use1 10
ike-peer abc
proposal ipsec_pro

ipsec policy policy1 10 isakmp template use1

interface gigabitethernet 0/0/1
ip address
ipsec policy policy1

it not need to specify remote address in ike peer, add one policy-template to associate ike-peer, associate policy-template in policy.

Whole configuration for core node and embranchment node can reference the attachment.