How to check the ifindex of an interface on the switch?

Issue Description

There are situations where we need to find out the corespondence between the ifindex and the interface names. For instance, if we receive a log on the switch that is refereing to a ifindex number but does not mention the exact interface name, we would need to know this corelation in order to indentify where the problem resides.


Feb  9 2016 08:47:12 xxxx %%01IFNET/4/BWRATE_OUT_RESUME(l)[0]:Interface output flow bandwidth usage was restored to the log threshold. (Interface=10, BandWidthUsage=85, LogThreshold=90)


To indentify the interface index of the interfaces, I can suggest the following solutions:

–Ru-Run the display rm interface command to check the ifindex of the intenterface directly in the CLI . By running this command the ifindex is shown in hex and you would need to convert it to decimal :


[R6_U11_S5710]display rm interface

Name: GigabitEthernet0/0/5

Physical IF Info:

IfnetIndex: 0xA         //  convert the hex value to decimal to obtain the ifindex (0xA = 10 )


Hardware Address: F84A-BFF0-2E70

Slot: 0(Logic Slot: 9)

IntType: 36, PriLog: 0, MTU: 1500, Reference Count: 1

Bandwidth: 0, 100000000

Baudrate: 0, 100000000

Delay: 0, Reliability: 0, Load: 0

LDP-ISIS sync capability: disabled

LDP-OSPF sync capability: disabled

InstanceID: 0, Instance Name: Public

Age: 88548sec

-Use the below public OIDs to query the name and the ifindexes of the interfaces

ifName is Oid . and ifIndex is oid .