How to check the ifindex of an interface on the switch?

By | January 23, 2017

Issue Description

There are situations where we need to find out the corespondence between the ifindex and the interface names. For instance, if we receive a log on the switch that is refereing to a ifindex number but does not mention the exact interface name, we would need to know this corelation in order to indentify where the problem resides.


Feb  9 2016 08:47:12 xxxx %%01IFNET/4/BWRATE_OUT_RESUME(l)[0]:Interface output flow bandwidth usage was restored to the log threshold. (Interface=10, BandWidthUsage=85, LogThreshold=90)


To indentify the interface index of the interfaces, I can suggest the following solutions:

–Ru-Run the display rm interface command to check the ifindex of the intenterface directly in the CLI . By running this command the ifindex is shown in hex and you would need to convert it to decimal :


[R6_U11_S5710]display rm interface

Name: GigabitEthernet0/0/5

Physical IF Info:

IfnetIndex: 0xA         //  convert the hex value to decimal to obtain the ifindex (0xA = 10 )


Hardware Address: F84A-BFF0-2E70

Slot: 0(Logic Slot: 9)

IntType: 36, PriLog: 0, MTU: 1500, Reference Count: 1

Bandwidth: 0, 100000000

Baudrate: 0, 100000000

Delay: 0, Reliability: 0, Load: 0

LDP-ISIS sync capability: disabled

LDP-OSPF sync capability: disabled

InstanceID: 0, Instance Name: Public

Age: 88548sec

-Use the below public OIDs to query the name and the ifindexes of the interfaces

ifName is Oid . and ifIndex is oid .


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