Huawei OLT

How to do when the connected ONT that alreadly autofound by other port can not be autofound by the OLT

Issue Description

The ONT is connected to a port in GPBD board, the autofind is enabled for that port, but the OLT can not detect the ONT.
The version of the ONT is MA5600V800R005.
The ONT used is EchoLife EG8141A5. 

Handling Process

1.connect another ONT and it was autofound successfully, so no problem in the port of the OLT.
2.using the command
MA5600T(config)#display current-configuration 
I can find the ONT serial no is already added to another port.
3.After deleting the ONT from the port it was added to, it can be autofound normally.

Root Cause

The ONT was added to another port in another GPBD board, so it can not be autofound at any other port unless it is deleted from the first port.


Before connecting an ONT to any port, make sure that it was not added to any other port as ONT is not like the DSL 
modem which can be connected to any port.