How to Handle OSN 8800 MCA8 CHAN_ADD Alarm more conveniently?

This topic describes the convenient handling method for CHAN_ADD alarm reported on MCA8 board of Huawei OSN 6800 OSN 8800 WDM device.

Problem Description

During the deployment of the WDM equipment OSN8800, if the Monitor Wavelength function is not enabled for the MCA8 board, the board will report the CHAN_ADD alarm. The traditional method for handling this alarm is cumbersome. This case provides a simple method.

Problem Analysis

U2000 is used to supervise the WDM equipment. If the MCA8 board does not enable Monitor Wavelength for the existing wavelength on the existing network, it will report a CHAN_ADD alarm. As shown in Figure 1:

Cause Analysis

1- The MCA8 board is faulty.

2- The MCA8 board does not enable the Monitor Wavelength function for the corresponding existing wavelengths.

Solution Description

1- For cause one, you can determine whether the MCA8 board is faulty by enabling the Monitor Wavelength function of a channel. It is relatively simple and will not be described here.

2- For the second cause, the conventional method is to enable the Monitor Wavelength function of the corresponding wavelength of the MCA8 board, and change the No Monitor to Monitor in the figure as shown in Figure 2:


3- The above processing method is very conventional, but in the case of a lot of newly opened channels on the existing network, the operation is tedious. The following provides a simple method

First, synchronize the alarms of the MCA8 board with all its ports enabled, as shown in Figure 3:

At this time, the CHAN_ADD alarm will be reported if the monitor wavelength function is not enabled for the corresponding channel.

Then disable all ports on the MCA8 board, as shown in Figure 4:

Finally, wait for one minute. After all CHAN_ADD alarms on the MCA8 board are cleared, enable all monitoring ports again. At this time, all CHAN_ADD alarms on the board are eliminated at one time.

Conclusion and Suggestion 

1- About disabling the MCA8 port and then enabling the one-time elimination of the CHAN_ADD alarm is because the port monitoring function is disabled. As a result, the MCA8 board cannot monitor the passing wavelengths, so the CHAN_ADD alarm cannot be reported

2- For the newly added channel, the MCA8 board will still report the CHAN_ADD alarm. This method can also be used to eliminate the alarm. The significance of this method is that the CHAN_ADD alarm can be eliminated at one time, and the operation is simple and convenient.

3- This case applies to the emergency elimination of a large number of CHAN_ADD alarms during the deployment process. However, it is recommended to modify the wavelength monitoring status for project maintenance.