How to solve issue of APs online under S7706 but not shown on eSight?

Issue Description

APs under S7706 switch are online but not shown on eSight

eSight home page

Handling Process

1) eSight version : V300R010C00SPC636 & Switch S7706 version is V200R019C10SPC500

2) switch not shown on eSight as below


3) S7700 is added sucessfuly on eSight

4) Check APs on S7700 are normal status (online)

5) Check SNMP configuration on S7700 it is OK with read & write community configured 

Root Cause

in S7700 V2R19  sftp client-source -a  X.X.X.X should be configured 


issue resolved after sftp client-source -a  command is configured 

<HUAWEI> system-view
[HUAWEI] sftp client-source -a X.X.X.X

Info: Succeeded in setting the source address of the SFTP client to X.X.X.X