When Huawei switch cannot to be reboot, and need to be upgrade, then how to upgrade it via BootLoad? If […]
Issue Description If you want to connect the enterprise’s branch to the enterprise data center over two ISP networks (ISP1 […]
Issue Description L2TP Users failed to go online from an NE40E device that function as a LAC, the LNS is […]
Abstract This topic will describe how to configurate the MAC Address Table Based on the VSI and Layer 3 Interface […]
Abstract We wanted to filter some traffic for BRAS user, so thus we configured the traffic policy and applied on BAS interface, […]
Prerequisites Basic configurations for the MSTP network are complete. For details about configuring the MSTP network, see Configuring the MSTP. […]
Abstract This topics will elaborate on how to do Huawei S5700 switch MTU setting on L3 interfaces. We noticed that […]
Abstract This topic will focus on how configure the NAT function on NE40E router for easy NAT deployment. Introduction to […]
Abstract In the monitoring tool (3rd Party NMS), there are notably peak traffic for an interface of the NE40, however, […]
Abstract It is noted that the user reports that the STA fails to obtain an IP address on ME60. How […]