Huawei S7700&S9700 support in-service software upgrade (ISSU). The following uses the S7700 as an example to describe the upgrade proces […]
Automatic laser shutdown is a procedure to automatically shut down the laser when there is no input light and stop […]
Huawei ME60
This is customer network topo, when customer ping server address from pc address, found there is packet loss […]
Issue Description Found that the fan sound of one CE6800 deive is relatively large, by using the display fan command […]
Abstract If you meet such problem after NE40E-X3 router is upgraded from V600R008C10SPC300 to V800R010C10SPC500, connectivity for LTE RAN sites […]
Abstract We need to  mount a tunnel from the ASR9000 to the ASR1000-2, so through the Huawei switch. However, the […]
Make inloop on the port of the N2PQ1 board, but the inloop status of the port was not disabled automatically. […]
The management address of the MA5626 connected to the MA5680T fails to be pinged. Networking: MA5680T—-MA5626  The management gateway address is […]
OSN 1500
Issue Description Due to the temperature of OSN1500B is very high, many equipment report the TEMP_HIGH alarm although the air condition is working well. We query the T2000 NMS, and can’t find the setting. Handling Process The temperature is detected by the cross-connect boards, so you can only set the tempth on cross-connect boards.  :cfg-get-bdtempth:81 BOARD-TEMP-TH  TEMP-HIGH-TH TEMP-LOW-TH  650 0  Total records :1  :cfg-set-bdtempth:80,700,5 :cfg-get-bdtempth:80 BOARD-TEMP-TH  TEMP-HIGH-TH TEMP-LOW-TH  700 5  Total records :1  Root Cause When […]
Issue Description How to do if the optical interfaces connected by a fiber cannot be Up Solution “Before checking a […]