This post talks about the procedures of how to solve the NE40E/NE9000/NE5000E/CX200/CE6800/CE12800 start timeout on eNSP. Please see more details […]
Basic Concepts Before the basic NAT process of NE40E core router is introduced, familiarize yourself with the following concepts: NAT […]
NAT Address Pool To perform NAT on private network user packets, public IP addresses must be available. The NE40E uses NAT address […]
Figure 1 Shows the procedure for troubleshooting a power module. Figure 1 Power module troubleshooting flowchart Procedure Check the indicator on […]
WDM/OTN devices support physical-layer clocks to implement frequency synchronization. To implement phase synchronization, physical clocks must work with other features. […]
An optical transport network (OTN) is a network consisting of optical network elements (NEs) connected by fiber links. The OTN […]
What Is Latency In a communications network, latency refers to the time it takes for original data to go through […]
Prerequisites Basic configurations for the MSTP network are complete. For details about configuring the MSTP network, see Configuring the MSTP. […]
This document describes the types and bit rates of the OTUk, ODUk, OPUk, OTUCn, ODUCn, and OPUCn signals of OTN/WDM […]
This article will introduce Huawei campus switch S5720 S6720 S6730 etc. copper cable. Types of Copper Cables Table 1 shows the […]