Huawei Leading 100G solution

Huawei Leading 100G solution

Always 1 of 2 100G Tech. Can Fit You

Huawei Leading 100G solution

Directed receiver on Rx sideCost optimized 100G tech.2 λ, and each at 50G. The total capacity is 4TCan Upgrade from existing 10G/40G system

Coherent receiver on Rx sideMainstream 100G tech. Its cost will reach to a acceptable level after 2~3 years.1 λ. The total capacity is 8TCan Upgrade from existing 10G/40G system

DSP Focused Advanced Research on 100G

Software-Decision FEC11.3dB more net coding gainBER from 2.4e-2 to 1e-15Support [email protected] optical transmission system

Electronic Mitigation to nonlinear impairments (using DSP) Enable the 100G system to work with high launch power and extend the reach.Enable 100G work with 10G and 40G, to reuse the existing equipment

Electronic Mitigation to WSS filtering impairments (using DSP)For WSS in which CD (ripple) is dominant, hybrid equalization can provide great compensation performance.