The management address of the MA5626 connected to the MA5680T fails to be pinged. Networking: MA5680T—-MA5626  The management gateway address is […]
Huawei MA5800-X2
OLT MA5800-X2 uplink connect to SW downlink connect to OLT, it will be loss packets. Issue Description OLT MA5800-X2 Vesion […]
Issue Description The ONT reports an alarm indicating that the Ethernet port is not connected to the ONT on the […]
Introduction In multicast emulation, an access device Huawei GPON OLT remotely emulates an end user going online. Engineers query the […]
Keywords: H806GPBH, H806GPBD, DDR3 cache, slow Internet access, board reset Abstract: When a large number of users are connected to the H806GPBH/H806GPBD […]
Keywords: OLT, MA5680T ,MA5683T, Access network Summary: GEM ports are added in xPON distributed mode but they are not bound to […]
Issue Description Q: What is the calculation method for load balancing of the upstream aggregation ports of the 5680T? Alarm Information Null Handling Process A: In the egress-ingress mode: The XOR operation is performed for the lowest three bits of the source MAC (SMAC) and the destination MAC (DMAC). A residual is obtained by dividing the XOR result by the number of aggregation ports. The residual value indicates the egress ID. Example: SMAC: 0000-1111-aabb, binary numeral corresponding to the lower 1 byte bb: 10111011, lower 3 bits: 011 DMAC: 0000-1111-ccdd, binary numeral corresponding to the lower 1 byte dd: 11011101, lower 3 bits: 101 Two aggregation ports exist. […]
Keywords: MA5600T, Access network Summary:  If an H801ESCA0 board (BOM number: 03030BYR) of a version earlier than VER.D is installed in […]
Issue Description Q: When the MA5620G provisions an SIP voice service, terminal users are often registered by shelf ID or by slot ID (such as sip:0/22/3/1/1/[email protected]). How are series of symbols like this are assembled? Alarm Information Null Handling Process A: The general format of “sip:0/22/3/1/1/[email protected]” is “sip: Channel/Port/Slot/Shelf/Rack/[email protected]”, where Channel is fixed to 0, and Rack is fixed to 1. So variable parameters are only Shelf, Port, Slot, AN-ID and domain. Port indicates the port ID of a subscriber. Slot indicates the slot ID. Shelf indicates the shelf ID. AN-ID indicates the name of an access node and is set by running the raio-anid command. domain indicates the domain name, that is IMS domain name, and is set in the basic attribute home-domain of the SIP interface. Note: In terms of MA5620G, for the versions earlier than V800R305C00B133SPH006, Port, Slot, […]
Issue Description Q: MA5600T(  MA5600V800R005C32B138)  has 2 PRTE one of them is damaged so how can we check it from command line Alarm Information ALARM 2849 FAULT MAJOR 0x15411026 ENVIRONMENTAL 2010-08-12 10:04:24 DST ALARM NAME  : Fan power fault alarm PARAMETERS  : FrameID: 0    EMU ID:  0    Digital ID:  0    EMU Type:  FAN Name:  Power fault Name:  Power fault DESCRIPTION : Fan power fault alarm CAUSE       : Power  fault ADVICE      : Check power Handling Process A: About the querying about the power board through command line please check below […]