Automatic laser shutdown is a procedure to automatically shut down the laser when there is no input light and stop […]
Make inloop on the port of the N2PQ1 board, but the inloop status of the port was not disabled automatically. […]
OSN 8800
The concepts and standards of the ASON appear on the premise that the traditional SDH transmission system is widely used. […]
OSN 1500
Issue Description Due to the temperature of OSN1500B is very high, many equipment report the TEMP_HIGH alarm although the air condition is working well. We query the T2000 NMS, and can’t find the setting. Handling Process The temperature is detected by the cross-connect boards, so you can only set the tempth on cross-connect boards.  :cfg-get-bdtempth:81 BOARD-TEMP-TH  TEMP-HIGH-TH TEMP-LOW-TH  650 0  Total records :1  :cfg-set-bdtempth:80,700,5 :cfg-get-bdtempth:80 BOARD-TEMP-TH  TEMP-HIGH-TH TEMP-LOW-TH  700 5  Total records :1  Root Cause When […]
OSN 1800
Low throughput when using low frame sizes on an OSN1800V Issue Description Customer has noticed some issues on their Ethernet […]
Huawei OSN2500
Procedures of setting IP address of SSQ2CXL16 changing automatically with ID Issue Description Due to the NE is GNE, customer modified the IP address configuration of SSQ2CXL16 board.But customer want to cancel this GNE now, and found can’t set the IP address to default configuration: IP address change together with ID changing. Handling Process Pull out the SSQ2CXL16 board, record the current status of the DIP switches of SW1(Please find the SW1 detailed location in the attachment); 2. Switch the DIP switches of SW1 to “1111”, then insert to the subrack; 3. 10 minutes later, pull out the board again, switch the DIP switches of SW1 to previous status, then insert to the subrack; […]
Huawei OSN8800
Issue Description For X customer, we are implementing a metropolitan NG WDM network with OSN8800 and OSN6800 equipment. We are […]
Issue Description When trying to create services or any other configurations to an OSN3500, an error message appeared, showing that the NE was busy, performing batch backing up process. The alarm and NE attributes could be seen through NM. The software version of the NE is Alarm Information SYNC_FAIL 0x1f 0xff 0xff 0xff 0xff Handling Process JUDGE METHOD For the NE with, check the following parameters. 1. Check the status of the backing up process, using the following command: :hbu-get-backup-info 2. If the result of the command  is: Backup-Info  : 0000000002 It means the the batch backing up process is being performed. If it persists, for more than 10 minutes, it means that the process could be time out. 3. To establish the history communication status of both standby and main GSCC board, use the following commands: :hbu-get-com-his: pgid (pgid is the slot number of the GSCC boards) Communication-History SLOT-ID     TIME                 COM-STATE        STDBY-ONLINE […]
OSN 3500
Huawei OSN3500 has various cross-connect board such as GXCSA, SXCSA, IXCSA, PSXCSA, with different cross-connect performance. Sometimes, the cross-connect board […]
1 Abundant Port Types The Huawei MA5600 provides various network ports, service ports, and maintenance ports to meet different networking requirements. Table […]