Huawei MA5800-X2

Main board SN incorrect cause fowarding abnormal on MA5800-X2

OLT MA5800-X2 uplink connect to SW downlink connect to OLT, it will be loss packets.

Issue Description

OLT MA5800-X2 Vesion V100R017SPH202,uplink connect to SW downlink connect to OLT. It’s a loop network:SW1-OLT1-OLT2-OLT3-SW2,when the customer ping from OLT1 to SW1 and OLT2 direct, it is ok,but if ping from SW1 to OLT2 or OLT3 that forwarding from OLT1, it will be loss packets.

Handling Process

1、Check register info, the data didn’t increase, it indicates that there is no schduling.

Huawei MA5800

2.Check TM chip table, AckSn and ReqSn are different, it indicates that SN request and ACK are abnormal.

Huawei OLT

Root Cause


The process that packets sent from active main control to the standby main control needs both sides of the SN serial number to be consistent, so that the packets can forward normally.
l Check forward chip on the H901MPSC board, it is found that packets are dropped from the MSG queue.
l Why the packets are dropped?
An abnormal SN is read from the error cell, which leads to packet loss.
l Why is an abnormal SN read?
The SN filter thresholds for the active control board H901MPSC and standby control board H901MPSC are incorrect.


1、reboot the sysytem to evade the issue

2、update the version to MA5800V100R017C10SPH220 or later