Main Difference Between Legacy DWDM and OTN

Legacy WDM Muxponder V.S. OTN Cross-connect
OTN XC Is Must In 40G/100G Era


that there are muxponders for mapping multi 10G into 40G or 100G line. But for GE, 2.5G and other small granule less than 10G, there are NOT any muxponder  to map them.

Via OTN Switch, any client, including FE, GE, FC 1/2/4/8G, DVB-ASI, PON, CPRI and so on, can be mapped into 40G/100G. 


  1. Mapping  Any service

any client could be mapped into 40G/100G according to the process defined in ITU-T G.709


  1. Up to 100% Line Usage

We can mix any service from multi sites into a same 40G or 100G channel


  1. Abundant protection tech.

ODUk SNCP, ODUkSPRing (shared Protection Ring, like the MSPR in SDH),



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