NE40E Router BGP L3VPN Connectivity Failed


This topic illustrates on BGP L3VPN connectivity failed due to license activation issue on NE40E.


Issue Description
Customer configured L3VPN on NE40E but he was unable to ping CE immediately after he added the “ip binding vpn-instance test” command on the interface that connects to the CE device. NE40E router works as PE and it works on version V600R007C00SPC300. Below is some configuration snip:
ip vpn-instance test
description test
  route-distinguisher xxx:yyy
  routing-table limit 15000 simply-alert
  vpn-target xxx:1 export-extcommunity
  vpn-target xxx:1 import-extcommunity
  traffic-statistics enable
interface Eth-Trunk1.310
vlan-type dot1q 310
ip binding vpn-instance test
ip address x.22.17.97
Alarm Information
Handling Process
As soon as customer is adding the “ip binding vpn-instance test” command under interface view the connectivity between CE and PE fails.First thing we would to check is related to license content. L3VPN for NE40E is license controlled so it’s important to check this part. Below we can see “display license” command content.dis license
Active license    : cfcard:/LIC800259881C9367570600002-A91B_NetEngine40EX8.dat
License state     : Normal
Revoke ticket     : No ticket

Bayonette AS

Product name      : NetEngine40E X8
Product version   : V600R007
License Serial No : LIC2014042603B000
Creator           : Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Created Time      : 2014-04-26 14:04:26
Feature name      : CRFEA1
Authorize type    : COMM
Expired date      : PERMANENT
Trial days        : 60

Item name          Item type  Value    Description
LCR5BTOA02         Resource   1        LPUI51BENHANCE

Master board license state: Normal.

<ra-nyd>dis license state
Info: Current license state is Normal.
<ra-nyd>dis license resource usage
Info: Active License on master board: cfcard:/LIC800259881C9367570600002-A91B_NetEngine40EX8.dat
FeatureName    | ConfigureItemName       | ResourceUsage

CRFEA1            LCR5BTOA02                  0/1

The license resource contains the enhance function which will transform the board LPUI-51-B to enhanced which will allow using L3VPN.

Root Cause
So license content includes the required function, but the customer didn’t upgrade the slot accordingly.
To enable the content, its required to perform the following setup.

# Enable L3VPN and MVPN on the interface board in slot 7.
<HUAWEI> system-view
[HUAWEI] service-enhance slot 7
Info: Caution!!! Are you sure to do this operation?[Y/N]?y
Info: Enable the L3VPN and MVPN successfully!
if you plan to use L3VPN through multiple slots you will need to enable service-enhance command on all slots, but please note that the function license content should allow you to configure more than 1 slot.