New GSCC board version was too low ——NMS download failure

GSCC is a system control and communication board with part number 03020DCM. The GSCC is available in 4 functional versions: N1GSCC,  N3GSCCN4GSCCN6GSCC. The functions provided by the functional versions are different.

NE are unmanaged and traffic is down. 
This NE only have one GSCC,and Original GSCC can not use for some problem,so Customer replace the GSCC with a new one,then did the NMS download,but download failed.To make matters worse,they upload NE configuration to NMS after download configuration data on NMS and NE had been lost.1.Configuration data on NMS and NE had been lost.and didn’t find any NE database backup.
there was only NMS script and NMS mo.
2.Restored NMS configuration by importing script.
3.Got the reason for failure to download,Original GSCC software version was V100R009,but new GSCC software version was V100R006.the version was too low.
4.Upgraded new GSCC to R9 version,then download from NMS.
New GSCC board version was too low,some logic boards were not supported on this version.
as follows:

Upgraded new GSCC version the same as NE.Then download from NMS.

when we replace board of NE,new board should have the same version as old one.
SCC replacement,please refer to Guide as follows:
OSN3500 and OSN7500,Replacement Guide for the GSCC Boards on the NG-SDH Equipment
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