How to change the OLT type device?

Issue Description Q: The system prompt by default is MA5680T instead of MA5600T, which means the device type is wrong. In the fact of matter, MA5680T and MA5600T are kinds of the same thing, but we clarify for customer that the MA5680T just use for GPON service, so this is the difference of commercial policy at marketing.  We have ordered MA5600T but received MA5680T. There is something wrong happened at supply of production upload, which induce us got the wrong type device.               Alarm Information Null Handling Process A: How we can change the device name on OLT. 1. log on OLT 2.Use “diagnose” and “su” mode, and Take the SCUL code (need a generated-passowrd tool, plz refer to the word in the attachment )  MA5680T#diagnose MA5680T(diagnose)%%su   Challenge:0KZQKQBT   Please input password: (here need to use that tool I mentioned before) 3.Change device type of OLT MA5680T(su)%%device MA5600T MA5680T(su)%%quit Root Cause Null Suggestions With regard to the details of operation, which how to change the type of OLT, plz check the document in the attachment.  


How many Remote frame ( RSU with HABD ) can UA5000-PVM board support?

Issue Description Q: In a Customer meeting customer ask about us how many  RT (remote frame RSU_HABD) we can add to COT( PVMB_HABD). Alarm Information Failure: Resource of HW error Handling Process A: We have to confirm the limitation of the Remote frame ( RSU with HABD frame) per PVM board ( Main HABD with PVMB). We check the document,no related information found then we try to add the frame manually in the system. We can add the 32 remote frame successfully but when adding the next frame ie.33 it prompt one error message that HW-resource error. After doing the above operation we came to know that PVMB supports on 32 remote frames. Root Cause We have to confirm the value of the Remote frame ( RSU with HABD frame) we try to search the same in support site and document but it was not present there. Then we try to check it in the system because we have to confirm the value ASAP. Suggestions PVMB ( PVMB with master frame HABD)supports on 32 Remote frame ( RSU with HABD Frame).

What’s the fault S5700, and all multicast traffic is being forwarded?

Issue Description S5700-X-LI-28P using software V200R003C00SPC300. Traffic belonging to multiple multicast source are forwarded to all host, even if the ”display igmp-snooping port-info” command didn’t show any entry. Alarm Information We don’t have to configure ”multicast-vlan enable” and ”multicast-vlan user-vlan <vlan-id>” to get multicast to an interface where customer-vlan and multicast-vlan is added simultaneously and… Read More »

How to Configure Aggregated CAR on the S7700 and S9700?

Issue Description How Do I Configure Aggregated CAR on the S7700 and S9700? Solution Aggregated CAR can be implemented in 1-level or 2-level mode. 1-level CAR: limits the total rate of outbound data flows destined for MAC addresses 1-1-1 and 2-2-2 to 100 kbit/s on GE1/0/1. The 1-level CAR rate limiting policy can be configured… Read More »

Does the UA5000 MSAN support Radius accounting?

Issue Description Q : Does the UA5000 (MSAN)  support Radius accounting) . version V100R013 Alarm Information Null Handling Process A: UA5000 V100R013 doesn’t support accounting function. and the R&D confirmed that UA5000 doesn’t support accounting even in the most recently version which is UA5000 V100R019C05 so until now there is no version support that function(more information you… Read More »

Comunication failure between the GSCC and EOW Gateway NE

Issue Description The gateway equipment and affiliated lost management because the communication between the GSCC and EOW boards had problems. Vesionn Software: P01. Version GSCC: N3GSCC02 Alarm Information – NET_COMMUN_FAIL – NET_COMMUN_BRAKE – NE_NOT_LOGIN Handling Process 1. DCC channel is reviewed gateway NE are configured, 2. DCC channels are reviewed equipments affiliatted to the gateway and are… Read More »

Broadcast storm occured in S5300 when STP was ruuning

Issue Description There were 2, S5300 switches and 1 Eudemon 200E firewall, connected in a ring in layer 2 mode. Vlans were passing between switches and firewall.   Networking Scanario:   On swtich S5300_01: port towards S5300_02:                            Ethernet trunk 1 (gig 0/0/19,gig0/0/20)… Read More »