PPPoE Dialup Takes a Long Time on an ME60 Before Users Go Online

Issue Description

PPPoE users connected to an ME60 fail to go online through PPPoE dialup. The packet header information shows that the ME60 does not send PADS packets as a reply. If the user name and password are changed, PPPoE dialup succeeds after a long period of time.

Handling Process

  1. Trace the involved access user on the ME60. The associated packet statistics are as follows:

2015/5/11 12:25:31.740.4 CC-A-XADL-ME60-BRAS1 BTRC/7/BTRC_TraceInfo:[objectID=1][slotID=2][PPPOE][user info:
  MAC Address    : 9C21-xxxx-194F
  Interface      : Eth-Trunk1.2000
  PE VLAN ID     : 2002
  CE VLAN ID     : 1015
  Access Mode    : PPPoE ]
[trace info:Discard PADR Packet,chasten check failed.]

The ME60 receives PADR packets sent by the terminal, but the packets are discarded because the user dialup punishment period is not arrived.

  1. Check the punishment period of the user.

<CC-A-XADL-ME60-BRAS1>display ppp slot 4 chasten-user mac-address 9C21-xxxx-194F
PPPoE(MacAddr) User:
9C21-xxxx-194F will be free after 2176s (online-fail)    //There are 2176 seconds to reach the punishment period.

  1. Check the punishment period configuration of the PPP user on the device.

[CC-A-XADL-ME60-BRAS1]display ppp connection-chasten
ppp connection chasten 5 600 3600 

Root Cause

The terminal user frequently performs dialup and the number of attempts exceeds the specified threshold. As a result, the user enters the penalty state. The causes of frequently dialup are as follows:

  1. Packet loss occurs on the Layer 2 network.
  2. The PPPoE user account is incorrect.
  3. The device is faulty and therefore fails to properly process PPPoE packets.


Run the dhcp connection chasten request-sessions request-period blocking-period command to limit DHCP user request connections.

Parameter description:

request-sessions: Specifies the number of connection failures in response to a user request. The value is an integer ranging from 1 to 10000.

request-period: Specifies the user request period. The value is an integer ranging from 1 to 3600, in seconds.

blocking-period: Specifies the period in which a connection request is blocked. The value is an integer ranging from 1 to 3600, in seconds.